#3 Powerful Questions That Will Transform Your Business Growth!

#3 Powerful Questions That Will Transform Your Business Growth!

I’m so excited & grateful to dive into this with you today…

#3 super simple questions you can ask yourself, to truly support you in growing the business of your dreams!

I’ve personally used each of these questions in my own journaling practise for years.

Journaling has been a game changer for me, in supporting me to create the results I desire & build a multi-six figure soul-led business from scratch.

I use it all the time to get more clarity; to shift negative energy; to get super focused on my next-level self & the next level of my business that I’m stepping into.

Whether you journal or not – these questions are incredibly powerful, to sit down & ask yourself before you start work for the day.

(If you’d love to start journaling too or take your practise deeper & deeper – keep reading because I have an incredible free gift for you at the end!)

But this is really about sitting quietly for a moment at the start of your day, to get focused & clear on how you’re showing up today & the most important action to be taking!

So let’s begin…


I can’t tell you how powerful this question is.

When we lose sight of our ‘why’, we get really demotivated.

When the going gets tough, it just feels too hard, because we’ve lost sight of the big picture.

We allow ourselves to become consumed in the push & hustle & hard work.

When we forget our ‘why’, we get too caught up the detail, lose motivation & become disillusioned.

Then the mind monkeys kick off – telling you all the reasons why this won’t work & it’s too hard.

And before you know it, you feel overwhelmed & stressed. Like maybe you should just call it a day, because you’re never going to achieve the success you want anyway?

This is why it’s really important to regularly tap into this question. There’s no right or wrong – your ‘why’ is unique to you – but you do need to know WHY!

  • What do you want to achieve with this business that you’re building?
  • Why are you doing this? Get specific!
  • What are the specific things that you want to achieve for yourself; your family; your clients; the people that you love?
  • Why are you doing this today? Why are you doing this tomorrow? For the next month; year; 3 years; 5 years?

It’s such a powerful question because it helps you to tap deeply into your purpose work.

Feeling like we have a purpose in life & business is key. Otherwise, you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, working harder & harder but going nowhere fast (maybe you can relate?!). You feel lost & unfulfilled & uninspired.

And journaling – or simply considering questions like these today – will help you discover what that purpose is, piece by piece, putting all the bits of the puzzle together!


Just to be clear here…I don’t mean doing more, working harder & harder or endlessly ploughing more time into your business!

That’s not the freedom & ease & beautiful dance between life & business, that I know is so important to you & me.

What I mean is:

  • How can you pour more of the essence of you into your business?
  • How can you show the world who you truly are?
  • How can you give yourself permission to be fully YOU in your business?

Rather than feeling like you need to fit into a box or people please or ignore your own boundaries, to feel like you’re ‘good enough’ or doing a good enough job for your clients?

The more you give yourself permission to be more of who you are – in terms of showing up on social media; building connections; creating content; selling – the more you stand out to your soul clients.

And that sounds easy!

Except that so often, it’s not.

So often, we’re wearing masks that we’re not even aware are there.

So this is about looking at things really carefully. Where am I people pleasing? Where am I trying to be ‘enough’? Where am I doubting myself – like if I did a live about that topic or talked about that thing, no-one would be interested?

When it comes to who you’re being in your business, it’s so easy to get caught up in the idea of trying to be more or trying to be ‘good enough’.

The truth is that the way to build your dream business, is to give yourself permission to be 100% YOU. To unapologetically show the world who you are. Without ever holding back or worrying about people pleasing!  

Show the world who you are, because you are perfect as you are! We are all imperfectly perfect in every way, in every moment.

So check in with yourself:

  • How am I being fully ME in my business today?
  • How am I having a real conversation that matters today?
  • How am I connecting with potential soul clients today – and allowing them to see the real me, as I truly am?
  • How can I share a story today, that really resonates with my soul clients?
  • How can I give myself permission to just do that live today, even though I haven’t done my hair or my make-up (or whatever else is getting in your way)?

Because when you start your day by asking yourself these types of questions, you’re going to show up more. And the more you show up, the more you build your business & create the impact AND income you desire!


And this is another big one!

So often in our businesses. we get totally consumed with our to-do list & all the tasks we want to get done.

I’m not anti-to-do lists (normally have a little one on the go here!).

BUT there is a much more powerful way to look at the action you’re taking in your business, to achieve the results & impact & income you desire.

And that’s to jump ahead! To quantum leap to a point in the future that feels like a goal or win or a success moment – like when you have your first £2k month or £5k month or have 10 amazing soul clients join your group program.

Just imagine. You’re there. It’s happened. It feels amazing.

And from that place of being ‘there’ (whatever ‘there’ is for you!), ask yourself:

  • What are the steps I took to get here?
  • What allowed me to create this success in my business?

If you imagine you’ve achieved that goal & you work back from there…what are the key actions you would have taken?

  • I gave myself permission to be me, instead of feeling like I had to be perfect?
  • I started & built a beautiful Facebook community & went live consistently?
  • I shared every day how my soul clients could reach out to work with me?

Suddenly, you’re tapping into the most important actions. The big, game changing actions that get RESULTS. You shift from being busy – with all the little things on your to-do list – to powerfully stepping into true aligned action.

And then it’s just picking one of those actions to implement today!

Right now…to move yourself forwards & into creating all the amazing impact & income & results you desire.

So those are our #3 powerful questions, that will transform the growth of your dream business!

I truly would be asking yourself these questions regularly (I do!) – at least a couple of times a week – to get everything really keyed in.

And like I said at the start, journaling really is such a powerful way to do this.

Maybe you’ve tried journaling before but it never really ‘clicked’ for you. Maybe you’d love to explore it again or, if you journal regularly, explore how you can take it deeper & deeper.

I’ve created something I’m so proud of, to support you with your journaling:

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To help you create a powerful journaling practice that really works for you, to step into deeper self-leadership & shift your identity into your next level now.

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I honestly used to think I didn’t have time for journaling or to focus on myself & doing the inner work, like everything we’ve talked about today.

But then I realised it’s actually THE most essential work in my business.

Without it, you’re not focused; clear; tapped in & switched on. You’re missing your own magic, working harder rather than smarter!

So do go check it out…

I really hope you’ll love it (& there’s so much more goodness waiting for you inside the Facebook group too).

And I’d absolutely love for you to post in the group & share what comes up for you, as you start to work through these #3 powerful questions!

See you there,

Claire x

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