3 Reasons To Build A Powerful, Profitable Facebook Group {+ FREE Gift Inside!}

I am in LOVE with my Facebook community!

It’s been absolutely game-changing for me, in building my multi-six figure soul-led business over the last few years.

I can’t tell you the power of embracing & creating your own fabulous Facebook group.

A group that’s deeply aligned for you – and that your soul clients WANT to be a part of – is such a powerful way to grow your business.

But I also know that getting started can feel pretty overwhelming!

Or maybe you have a group but right now it feels empty, quiet or just isn’t growing in the way you desire.

So in today’s blog, I really want to share with you #3 simple reasons why creating your own Facebook community is just so powerful…with an incredible free gift at the end, to support you with creating & monetising your perfect group!  

Let’s start by talking about the elephant in the room.

Maybe you don’t love Facebook (or social media generally!).

I totally, totally hear you. But as you might have heard me say before, Facebook is simply a tool.

You wouldn’t try building a house with your own bare hands…and it’s the same with building your dream business. We all need to use tools that that allow us to create the exponential growth, impact & income we desire.

And a Facebook group is an incredibly powerful tool for you to show up, powerfully share your message, build an epic community & sell your products & services with soul!

For you to get out there & grow your dream business that makes such a huge difference in your life, for your family & in the lives of your clients & customers.

So that said – even you don’t love Facebook right now (and I can’t tell you how much I grew to love it more & more, as my community grew!) – let’s get into WHY a group would be so powerful for you!

#1. It’s so simple…zero tech needed (and it’s FREE!)


I adore the simplicity of Facebook groups & that you don’t need any complicated tech to get started.

In the early days of my business, I felt so overwhelmed because no matter which way I turned, I needed to figure out the tech to move forward.

Then I discovered Facebook groups & realised wow! Here’s a strategy I can use to build my business  with no complicated tech & absolutely no cost or investment needed.

In literally a few clicks, you can set your group up & boom – you can get on with building the community & soul-led business you dream of.

So if you’re not techy (or just want to keep things simple), Facebook groups truly are such a powerful way to grow your business without any of the tech headaches, overwhelm or cost!


#2. You can give your soul clients the community they’re craving


We are all craving community…and so are your soul clients.

It is SO powerful to be in a space of people who are just like you.

So many of us just feel different from everyone else; separate; like we look at other people & feel we’re a bit on the side lines.

I know I’ve certainly felt that way many times (and still sometimes do, that sense of being different or questioning if I’m in the right room!).

When we finally find people who have the same vibe as us – the same values; the same beliefs; others who are working towards same purpose as us – it feels incredible to make that connection.

And it’s massively empowering when you know you’re not crazy, that there are other people on the same journey & experiencing the same things as you!

There SO much evidence that people crave community.

Everyone wants to feel part of something. People are searching for that deep sense of connection, every single day.

And when YOU build a beautiful community inside your Facebook group, you naturally attract your soul clients.

When you build your group with purpose; fill it with heart & connection & all the beautiful values you hold…

It’s not only a game changer for you – building your dream business – but also for your soul clients.

Because your soul clients have their own problems, pressures, dreams & desires. And when you create a Facebook community that supports them in all of that, they WANT to hang out there & immerse themselves in that vibe & energy!


#3. It’s the perfect space to nurture your soul clients + spotlight your expertise!


Whether you offer products or services, a Facebook group is your chance to shine.

Your potential soul clients have joined your group. They love it; being in your energy & hanging out with like-minded people.

And you get to show them who YOU are & how YOU can help them!

Not just by telling them…but by showing them.

By giving value; sharing your expertise; talking about topics that are really aligned for that community.

By showing up; sharing your stories; taking people behind the scenes in your life (because they want to get to know YOU & to feel that connection with you, as the leader of this community!).

You get to create a beautiful space for you to show up & share your message & serve your potential soul clients powerfully, no matter what you help you help them with.

Ultimately – a Facebook community is your chance to shine in your expertise. To show you walk your talk & for you to lead the way by being the lighthouse…shining your light brightly to call in your soul clients & inspire and serve others!

I just to finish up today with the truth that no matter what you do, your soul clients ARE on Facebook.

It’s the largest social platform, with billions of active daily users.

So why not use that space & tool to grow your dream business?

And just before I share an incredible free gift with you…

I see SO many people diving in to create their Facebook community, without ever really planning it or thinking it through.

And while Facebook groups really are very simple, without that planning & thought, it’s easy to create a community that lacks clear purpose & direction.

We also need to create clear boundaries, to avoid our groups becoming really draining & taking over our lives!

So we need to be really purposeful before we start – with clarity on the focus of your group; how to set it up; what to post & how to build engagement (without ANY overwhelm).


Which is exactly why I’ve created ‘The Profitable Facebook Group FREE Growth Bundle’ for you!


I’m so excited to share this with you – the exact basics I’ve used, to grow my Facebook community ‘She Impacts The World’ to over 18,500 (and counting) incredible, soul-aligned women.

Here’s what you’ll get inside your free bundle right now:

  • Planning & Clarity On Creating Your Perfect Group
  • Group Banner Templates
  • Grow & Monetise Your Facebook Group Planner
  • And Engagement Questions For Massive Group Growth!

To support you in building your own fabulous, powerful Facebook group…to grow your business & create all the impact AND income you desire!




And then I’d love for you to share how you get on with creating your own epic community, inside our Facebook group – She Impacts The World – so others can be inspired, too.

I really hope you adore it & I can’t wait to hear all about the action you take!

Claire x


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