#5 BIG Things That Got Me to My First 6 Figure Year!

Today’s blog was inspired by a lovely new private coaching client, who asked me this very question:

“What exactly did you do, when you had your first 6 figure year?”

It’s such a great question & it really got me thinking.

Looking back, I can see there were #5 big things that truly shifted everything in my business. So I thought it would be super powerful (and fun!) to share them with you too, on your journey to your first 6 figure year!



Honestly – I know it might sound simple (or obvious).

But deciding that I actually WANTED a 6 figure business was a huge realisation for me.

For so long, I was telling myself a story of “well, if I can just make £20k a year & replace my income from teaching, that’s all I need”.

Maybe you’re the same, telling yourself that you ‘just need’ a much smaller amount & that’ll be enough; that you’ll be ‘fine’ with that.

I had so many money mindset issues back then.

I used to look at people with 6 figure businesses & think “why do you even need that? Who can possibly need that much money?”

There was so much inner work I had to do, before I could even claim it for myself…that yes, I DO desire a 6 figure business.

And I did desire it! I realised I was playing so small. Why was I stopping myself & holding myself back so much?

I started to look more & more at other people in the coaching industry with 6 figure businesses & began to realise that they were no better than me. So why didn’t I just give myself permission to have it, too?

Which brings me to my first question to you here…

Have you FULLY given yourself permission to want a 6 figure business? And then to go out there & create it?

It is time to choose, decide & claim it for yourself!



This was the second major realisation & breakthrough, that first year.

That instead of working from where I was now & trying to ‘get’ to 6 figures…

I needed to start operating as if I was already there & to make decisions as if I already had that 6 figure business.

I started to journal every morning on what that looked like for me. How it would feel to be operating from that place; what my energy & emotions & beliefs would be; the action I’d be taking; the things I’d have in place in my business (which is all stuff I’d highly recommend journaling on for yourself, by the way!).

And then I just started to take the aligned steps I’d be taking, if my business was already where I wanted it to be.

I hired my first VA – long before I felt ready! – because I recognised that the 6 figure version of me would absolutely have that support in place.

I got myself some office space, because as a 6 figure coach, I’d have my own space & a proper place to work.

I put boundaries in place with my husband, around when my working time was. Because at that time my kids were tiny, I was in full-on ‘mum mode’ as well as running my business & of course, the 6-figure version of me would have dedicated time to focus on doing her purpose work & growing her business.

So my second question to you…

If you were already ‘there’, running your successful, soul-led 6 figure business…what would you have in place? What action would you be taking? What would you NOT be doing?

And then start taking aligned action from that place now!



Honestly, I can’t tell you how much work I needed to do on my money mindset.

I realised I was actually fearful of having money, in case I wasted it. Which is something I think SO many of us can relate to, especially if you feel like you’ve made ‘bad’ or irresponsible choices in the past!

I shifted myself into recognising that it was safe for me to make money; that I deserved to have money; that my work had real value (and shifted so many other old money stories & beliefs too).

Looking back, I can see that this deeper inner work was absolutely essential.

And if you know your money mindset really needs upgrading too – I’d love for you to check out my FREE ‘Rich Woman Meditation’ here.

To transform your mindset from the inside out & tap you into the frequency of success, wealth and abundance!



This was the next big piece of the puzzle for me, when I started to hold myself more accountable.

For so long, I’d make promises to myself but then the self-doubt would creep in, I’d start to wobble or I’d get disheartened & make excuses not to do things (which again, I know so many of us can relate to!).

So I chose to not only make some promises to myself…but I started to KEEP them.

I began showing up consistently, doing regular Facebook lives, posting and creating regular content, because that’s what the 6 figure version of me would be doing.

If I told myself I was going to do it, I DID it.

Rather letting myself off the hook because I didn’t feel like it or I was having a bad hair day or I was too busy or too tired, all the previous stories I’d been telling myself!

My question to you here…

As that 6 figure version of you, what promises & commitments do YOU need & want to make to yourself?

And then it’s keeping yourself accountable to show up for them, little by little, day after day!



Now of course, this may not be applicable for you.

BUT for me back then – and for so many of the amazing women I’m so lucky to support, through my courses & programs – it’s just something I see, time & time again.

I realised that I was undercharging because I was in such a place of scarcity around clients. It was something that HAD to change, in order for me to create that first 6 figure year.

So as well as the money mindset work, I began to create offers that felt really aligned, at a price that felt really good.

The women that I truly wanted to work with began saying YES. It completely transformed how my business felt & gave me so much more belief in myself.

So if you’re know you’re undercharging right now too & maybe you’re feeling some resistance to increasing your prices…

What offers would feel amazing to create? Completely aligned, to call in your soulmate clients? What price points would just feel so GOOD & right for you?

And of course, this goes hand in hand with your money mindset practise & deepening your inner work too!



I was planning to share #5 big things with you today but actually, it feels super aligned to share this bonus sixth thing here too!

Because I realised I was avoiding selling.

Maybe if you’re completely honest with yourself, you know you’re doing the same?

For so long, selling felt icky & out of alignment (before, of course, I realised that selling is simply another form of service, allowing people to go deeper & get the full transformation & results when they work with you!).

So I wrote out a list of all the sales activities I could think of, that I could do – from a Facebook live sharing some value & inviting people to work with me, to emailing my list or reaching out to people personally.

Then I did 3 things from that list every single day & made it 100% non-negotiable.

My final question for you here…

If you want to take your business to 6 figures, very simply, are you selling enough right now?

Make a list of all the sales activities you could do & then pick two or three (or even just one to start with) and make doing them non-negotiable, as part of your daily routine.

So those are my #6 big things, that got me to my first 6 figure year!

Since then, I’ve built on each of these, as I’ve grown & evolved into the multi 6 figure soul-led business I’m so proud to have created & run today.


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It truly is the path to all the success & impact & income you desire…

I can’t wait to see you inside!

Claire x

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