8 Steps To Creating Magic In Your Business

Do you sometimes feel like you’re on a hamster wheel in your business – working away, but not actually seeing the results?

Then let me share these 8 powerful steps with you.

Because I want you to build a business and make money in that business from a heart-centred place.

From a place of really embracing your strengths. And doing it in a way that feels perfectly aligned with YOU.

I believe that we create success in our businesses from the inside out. So for our businesses to grow, we need to grow ourselves.

My message to you is to build a business based on what you LOVE. Something that you wake up feeling excited about every single day.

And it doesn’t need to be hard work.

Yes, you will have to put the work in. But how you do the work is everything.

How Do I Know These 8 Steps Work?

Because I’ve been there. In the early days, I was building my business from a place of struggle. Most days I would burst into tears. Doubt, anxiety and fear were taking over.

Not only was it hard work, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. 

It wasn’t until I gave myself permission to be ALL OF ME and own my value that things became easier.

So my 8 powerful tips are to help you build and run your business from a place of EASE, FLOW and ABUNDANCE, rather than scarcity and fear.

To help you show up from a place of SOUL and PASSION, and make a beautiful difference in the world.

That way, you can begin to earn the money you deserve and LIVE THE LIFE YOU TRULY DESIRE. 

So Here Are Those 8 Steps For You

I know 8 can feel overwhelming, so for today, just choose one. The one that LIGHTS YOU UP.

I promise you if you take just one of these and implement it in your business today, you will see results. 

And don’t forget to let me know which one you choose. I always love to hear.

1. Work Smarter Not Harder

In school, they teach us that to get better results and earn more money, we need to work harder.

But we only have so many hours in the day.

You may have children, animals, other jobs…

You’re probably juggling a lot of balls. 

So thinking about working harder in your business may feel impossible. 

But running your business doesn’t have to mean selling your soul. 

Do you want to know the truth? You can actually build your business from little snippets of time during the day. 

Can You Find 20 Minutes?

If you get focused, you can use those snippets of time to supercharge your business. 

Even if you only have a spare 20 minutes a day to work on your business, if you use these slots of time consistently, you will start to see progress. 

(It’s how I built my own business, whilst juggling a baby!)

Do You Know Your Most Important Task?

Firstly, you need to get clear on your MIT – your Most Important Task. 

If you do your MIT each day, as part of that 20 minute time slot, you will start seeing results. 


What is your most important task each day? 

You decide that by getting clear on the end result you’re trying to achieve. 

What are you trying to sell? And what is the most important task that will help you sell that thing? 

It could be that your most important task is to get visible. If so, you could hop on a Facebook Live.   

Use your 20 minute time slot to work on this most important task, and any other tasks that will help you get there. 

These 20 minute blocks will build, and you WILL start to see results. 

Don’t Make This Mistake

I used to make the mistake of thinking:

I haven’t got 20 minutes today, I’ll do it tomorrow. 

Then it became tomorrow, tomorrow. tomorrow… 

Does that sound familiar? 

But we all know that tomorrow never comes! 

There’s always something else that needs to be done. 

So instead of putting things off until tomorrow, ask yourself:

What is my most important task today? 


And use your 20 minute time slot to work on your business essentials. 

Your Daily Non-Negotiables

I used to have something called my daily non-negotiables in my business. 

My daily non-negotiables were the things that I wanted to do every single day in my business to start seeing results. 

My daily non-negotiables were things like:

  • Self-care – because I knew that my mindset had to be in the right place if I was going to succeed in my business. 

So I would go for a quick walk, or do a bit of journaling or meditation.  

Something that put me in a positive place, so I was in the right energy to take on the day. 

  • Share my message – this was usually a social media post with an image, to make sure I was sharing my message every single day. 
  • Sell – each day I made sure I did one thing to sell. 

It might have been messaging someone personally, putting up another social media post, doing a little video, sending out an email. 

There be would so many options, but I would just choose one. 

This made sure I was constantly moving the needle forwards. 

I promise that if you take 20 minutes each day to do your MIT and daily non-negotiables, you’ll start to build a sustainable business.

A business that makes you feel good every single day – without feeling burnt out.

2. If You Want To Earn More You Have To Sell More – But Selling Starts From The Inside Out

So what does that mean? 

As women entrepreneurs, we often feel uncomfortable with selling. 

Early on in my business, I felt the same. 

Selling felt uncomfortable. 

Do You Have Blocks Around Selling?

If you’re not selling regularly, it may be that you have blocks around it. 

Maybe selling feels icky, or not aligned in some way. 

Or maybe you have lack of belief in yourself (like – who would want to buy from me?) 

Or a lack of belief in what you’re selling. 

Chances are, if you’re not selling regularly, there’s something you need to shift. 

Don’t Wait Until You’re “Ready!”

Selling begins from the inside out. 

But don’t wait until you feel like a SALES QUEEN before you begin to sell. 

If you wait until you feel “good”, then you will always keep on waiting. 

So take action before you’re ready. 

Do the daily mindset work to shift your beliefs around selling. 

  • How can you start owning your value more? 
  • How can you lean into why your clients need the thing you’re selling? 

Because, here’s the thing:

Selling Is Serving

People have problems and they buy things to solve them. 

Imagine if you had a banging headache and you needed a paracetamol. If no one was selling any paracetamols, you’d have to put up with your headache!

When you sell, you’re actually helping someone. You’re giving them a solution to their problem. 

Think of the things that you have bought that have TRANSFORMED your life. The things you are super grateful for. 

Then when you sell, flip it around and think of it from that point of view. 

Selling then becomes EASY. 

If You Want To Earn More, You Need To Sell More

And that selling begins from the inside out. 

It begins with:

  • A little bit of mindset work – daily affirmations. Like anything, the more you do it the easier it becomes. 

Write your small selling task IN YOUR DIARY every day, so that it gets done. 

It doesn’t need to be hard. One sales task each day and you will start to TRANSFORM your business.

3. Operate From Inspiration

How you show up in your business will make a huge difference to the results you get. 

If you show up feeling uninspired, disconnected and feeling like it’s a big uphill battle, then getting results will be hard. 

In order to really fall in love with this business you’re growing, and feel inspired every single day, it begins with CHOOSING TO. 

Can I tell you something?

I don’t wake up every morning feeling inspired! I have to choose to feel that way. 

It would be easy just to stay in the wrong energy.

But instead, I do the things I know will shift the way I feel. 

So make the decision:

How do you want to feel today? 

  • For me, I want to feel INSPIRED when I show up in my business and share my message
  • I want to feel inspired as I work with my clients, because when I tap into that inspiration, the MAGIC BEGINS TO HAPPEN 

So How Do You Get To That Inspired Place?

Firstly, you get clear on your life. 

  • Why are you doing this? 
  • What is your big goal? The one that is SO BIG that you almost dare not dream it. 

The one that pulls at you and makes you think oh my god can I really create this? When you tap into that, it will spark your energy and excitement. 

How can you show up as the FULL EXPRESSION of you? How can you be even more of you? That in itself can also be inspiring. Giving yourself permission to be ALL OF YOU.

Catching The Waves Of Inspiration

I often think of inspiration as being this gorgeous beach, with big waves like a surfers’ paradise. 

To be able to catch the wave of inspiration, you need to be in the ocean. 

You need to be there, ready and playing the game. 

You need to be on your board, ready to paddle. 

So I see myself on my board, in the sea, ready to catch that wave. 

(You don’t need to be able to surf, by the way. I can’t!)

And when I catch that wave, BOOM! I feel inspired. It feels easy and exciting.

Of course, there will be times when you miss that wave. And times when you catch the wave and fall off. 

But you get to decide, every single step of the way:

Am I going to get ready to catch the next wave? Or am I going to get out of the sea, because I’ve just fallen off the board and knocked my confidence?

Choose to SURF THE WAVES, and your business will transform. 

4. Speak To The Heart Of Your Soul Clients

It’s really easy to get pulled from side to side when you compare yourself to others on social media. 

If you come from that place when you’re building your business, no one will know who you are, what you stand for and how you can help them. 

They won’t see your uniqueness or your magic.

So how can you get this right?

Let me give you 3 easy steps.

  1. Know who your soul client is, so you can build that connection. Get clear on who your soul client is. 
  2. Get clear on how you help your soul client with the thing that you sell. What is the problem that you solve? 
  3. Recognise what else your soul client is passionate about. 

For example: 

  • My soul client wants to build their business – but more than that, they want to build it from a place of loving the journey and helping other people along the way. 
  • My soul client wants to do it by living an inspired life and having more freedom to say YES to all the things that are available in the world. 
  • My soul client doesn’t want a get rich quick scheme or a business where they have to knuckle down and work really hard. 
  • My soul client wants to build this beautiful thing where they show up, connect, feel excited, have freedom.

So it’s not just about the problem that you solve for your soul client. It’s wrapped in all these other things. 

You need to get clear on what that wrapping is. 

What are the other things that are really important to your soul clients? 

This helps you to get clear on your message and the conversations you have with your soul clients. 

Once you’re clear on this, your content will start to CONNECT. 

Because it might be that you’re showing up on social media all the time, but you’re not seeing results. 

Does that sound familiar?

It just means you’re not yet speaking to your soul client in a way that HOOKS them in and brings them to you. 

You want to grab your client by the SOUL, because suddenly they feel that connection. 

Unleashing your true message and sharing your voice can feel scary. 

But when you give yourself permission to know that your message is POWERFUL, the more you’ll connect deeply with your soul clients. 

5. Build Your Tribe And Love Them Hard 

Every business needs a tribe. 

If you’re making a difference in the world, then you need to build YOURS. 

People crave connection. 

Imagine where we would have been without the internet over these last few months. We would have been locked away in our homes and not seeing other people. The internet allows us to build connection. 

Your SOUL clients will be looking for people to connect with who have the same problems and desires as them. 

Building a tribe full of people who want the same thing and have the same vision is incredibly powerful. 

YOU, showing up and leading that tribe, giving them that love and sharing content that helps them, is doing a beautiful thing. 

Your Tribe Will Buy From You

The people who are ready to buy, will buy from YOU because they trust you. 

They’ve seen you enough to know what you’re about and what you stand for. 

There will be some people in your tribe who are not ready to buy yet. But you can still give to them in a way that helps them take a step forward. 

And when they’re ready, they will then buy from you. 

Give Your Tribe A Home

  • Is it a Facebook group?
  • Is it Instagram? 
  • Is it a big, beautiful building? 

How are you inviting people in and looking after them as the host of YOUR space?

6. Practise What You Preach

This comes from my own learning. 

Do you want to hear a story?

When I first started coaching, I was building all the knowledge and learning ALL the things. 

I was reading all the books, but I wasn’t embodying it. 

  • I wasn’t practising what I was preaching
  • I wasn’t reflecting on myself
  • I wasn’t doing the inner work
  • I was letting myself live in a place of scarcity
  • I was letting myself stay in negative beliefs that weren’t serving me

My business didn’t really start to transform until I STARTED TO TRANSFORM. 

It’s one thing sharing a message and telling people what they should be doing. 

But it’s another thing completely when you’re living that. When you’re truly embodying it and practising that way of living, that speaks louder than words. 

People feel that, energetically. 

Do you notice it too, when people aren’t authentic? It sets off alarm bells. 

And I know that you don’t want people to be feeling that way about you. 

What Do You See In The Mirror?

Sometimes we almost have to hold up a mirror and look at ourselves. 

  • So, you could be a mindset coach, but you don’t really believe in yourself
  • Or a yoga goddess, but you don’t fully lean into the practice 
  • Or a business coach, but you’re not doing the things in your business that you know you should be

What could you be EMBRACING more fully? 

But Be Careful

Because the flipside of this coin, especially in the personal development world, is that there are different stages to our personal development. 

When I first trained to be a coach, I had all these new skills and tools, but I would beat myself up because I wasn’t perfect. 

At the time, I was a life coach. I would stop myself from selling, because I would say to myself:

My life is a mess. I feel like a fraud. 

But that was totally wrong.

I want you to recognise that that’s IMPOSTER SYNDROME. And that is different. 

Imposter syndrome is a different thing to you not practising what you preach. 

If you are truly practising what you preach, but you’re still getting that impostor syndrome, that’s OK. 

You can work through it. 

Imposter syndrome is normal, especially for high achievers. 

So don’t use impostor syndrome to beat yourself up – like I did.

Practising what you preach at its deepest level, means coming from a PLACE OF LOVE – firstly with yourself. 

It’s being gentle and loving and caring with you. 

Recognise the difference between ego that sabotages what you do (impostor syndrome) versus your higher self that needs to show up from a place of self-love.

7. Operate From A Place Of Your Cup Overflowing

Too often, as women, we help everyone else first. 

Does that sound familiar?

We give all of ourselves away to everyone else, until our own cup is empty. 

We don’t want to be building our beautiful businesses from a place of empty. 

Be The Champagne

Think about a pyramid of champagne glasses, with champagne being poured into the glass at the top. 

Once the top glass is full, it begins to overflow to the other champagne glasses. 

That’s how we should be operating in our business. Not from a place of running on empty. 

We don’t want to over give and people please. 

We want to be the champagne glass at the top of the tier. 

We want to allow ourselves to be full, so we can easily give to everyone around us. 

So think about this: 

Where, right now, are you people pleasing and over giving?

Because that will make growing your business hard. 

You’re trying to juggle a million balls and it feels like you’re not getting the results. It feels like you’re going nowhere. 

Because you’re giving all of yourself away. 

Instead, if you were to flip that switch and be at the top of the champagne pyramid, allowing yourself to receive first:

  • What would you be allowing yourself to receive? 
  • What boundaries would you be putting in place? 
  • Where would you say no a little bit more? 
  • What conversations would you have in your family or with partners and children, to allow you to support each other – so that you can still run your business without running on empty? 

I know how it feels when you put yourself at the bottom of the list, because I’ve been there.

So don’t be afraid to put your own needs first, and have these conversations.

Stand up and say what you need, so that you feel supported.

Then you can actually have the energy and time to build your business. 

8. Remember That You Are Energy – And Activate Your Energy

Call in manifestation.

Use the law of attraction to get exponential results in your business.

Because you are an energetic being. 

The whole universe is made up of different energetic frequencies. We are just one of them. 

When you understand this energetic frequency, you become aware that, just like a magnet, you can attract or repel. 

Are you using your energy to attract and to get the results you need in your business? Or are you ignoring this stuff?

Let me tell you, honestly. This is not magic or woo woo. This is absolute science. 

You get to attract what you choose to attract. 

Law Of Attraction – The Easy Mistake

But this is where lots of people make a mistake. 

I used to make this mistake too. 

When I used to purposely use the law of attraction, I would fall into wanting energy. 

I want, I want, I want…

When I was in I want energy, I was simply attracting more of I want. 

To be successful with the law of attraction, you need to operate from a place of imagining you are already there. 

  • If you already had the clients
  • If you already had the business
  • If you were already making the money

What would you be THINKING, FEELING and BEING? 

When you show up from that place, you are activating yourself energetically to attract the things you want more of. 

Now, I’m not saying pretend that you are making 10k a month and go out and spend loads of money.

I’m saying, think of the level of CONFIDENCE you would have if you were already making 10K months. 

  • What are the beliefs you would have? 
  • How would you be selling? 

If you operate from that place, you are literally flicking that switch. 

Energetically, YOU WILL ATTRACT so much more of WHAT YOU DESIRE that it will feel like MAGIC. 

So never forget that we are energetic beings. 

That’s exactly why I’ve left this part until number 8.

Because this is the part that will SUPERCHARGE all of the first 7 steps!

They’re all key parts of the puzzle.

But number 8 – YOUR BEAUTIFUL, MAGNETIC ENERGY – is your superpower.

Much Love



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