Building Inner Certainty in an Uncertain World!

Building Inner Certainty in an Uncertain World!

Let’s just stop & be honest for a moment…there’s a LOT going on in the world right now.

If you’re feeling anxious or held back or even paralysed in your business by all the uncertainty, I promise, you’re not alone.


But when there’s uncertainty on the outside, it’s the time when it’s more important than ever to create absolutely certainty on the inside.


It’s part of the reason you started your business in the first place. Right?

I know you want impact. You have a powerful message to share (even if you’re not totally clear what that is yet!). You want to deeply be of service; to positively impact the lives of others. To follow your passion & do your soul’s work.


But I’m guessing you also started your business because you wanted freedom?


Because you didn’t want to be beholden to a boss or someone else’s agenda or timetable. You wanted to forge your own beautiful path; to live a different life, on YOUR terms.

Maybe you didn’t want your income potential to be defined by someone else.

Your business absolutely can (and should!) empower you, because it puts you MORE in control.

It doesn’t leave you at the peril of your boss or someone else deciding your future, or any of those things.


And yet, when we allow all the uncertainty to seep into our consciousness – to the point where those feelings of lack & fear & scarcity dictate the action we take in our business – we are completely giving away our power.


We allow ourselves to be so deeply impacted by everything going on around us – things that we have absolutely NO personal control over.

Those feelings of uncertainty and worry and fear start to control us.

They start to take over; to occupy our minds endlessly; to run the show.

So if any of this is resonating with you…


Today, I just want to remind you that you can claim back your power RIGHT NOW. That certainty starts from within & that you get to CHOOSE to feel that certainty, whatever is going on in the world around you.


Certainty in your vision & your value.

Certainty that money flows to you.

Certainty that you ARE a success & what you are doing WILL be successful.


Let me start by reminding you how amazing you are (I see you!).

And yes, you’re going to wobble sometimes. Yes, you’ll have those moments where you get scared & doubtful & wonder if it’s ever going to happen for you (which is totally normal!).

But you do know. Even in those moments – deep down, you KNOW you’re going to make it.


Simply remembering the truth of who you are at your core & tapping into that soul certainty can be so, so powerful.


If just reading that makes you drop your shoulders a little, here’s a few of my favourite journal prompts, to support you with deeply tapping in, remembering & realigning:

  • Who am I, at my very core?
  • What emotions are coming up for me right now, that don’t feel good to be feeling?
  • What do I want to choose for myself instead?

(I’d love to know what comes up for you – tag me over in the Facebook group & let me know!).

And beyond that…


Here’s the truth: things are ALWAYS going to be happening.


Whether that’s in other countries or happening closer to home, with friends & family – there’s always a reason not to do this.

Not to show up fully for ourselves & our businesses. Not to go all in. Not to invest in ourselves. Not to focus. Not to grow. Not to share your message & your work with the world, in a bigger way than ever before.

Not to have the impact. Not to create the income.

Not to do the work & build the business you were born to do.


And I say this with love…but you get to CHOOSE. It is always, always a choice YOU get to make, in each & every moment.


If you feel like you’ll be certain ‘when’ – when this or that happens; when X situation gets resolved or Y happens or Z goes away…

The truth is you will always feel uncertain.


I truly believe it’s time to stop giving away our power to external circumstances & start creating real inner certainty for ourselves.


And of course, the whole idea of building your business is that it empowers you!

Once you have the basics in place – the right systems & structure for you – your business should give you MORE certainty & financial security, not less (mine certainly does!).

When it’s all going well in your business, even when you see prices going up or other things happening in the world, you still feel safe.


So let me ask you…what action are you taking today? To build your business & stay in a place of power & certainty, rather than feeling like the world is falling in on you?


What needs to happen?

What do you need to attend to?

And if you’d love some real support, inspiration, guidance & powerful training…

  • To stay deeply tuned in to your vision…
  • To feel inspired, excited & on track, to grow your business & make the big impact you dream of in this world…
  • And to take huge aligned ACTION, every single day…

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Especially if – hand on heart – you know that outside circumstances are impacting the business you’re building & the life you’re creating for yourself for yourself.

Would adore to welcome you inside & support you on your journey!

Claire x

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