Creating Limitless FREEDOM Through Your Dream Business!

There’s a reason I adore the energy of “Limitless Income, Lasting Impact” (and why I gave my new Mastermind that name recently!).

Just pause for a moment, drop your shoulders & take a beautiful deep breath. Maybe close your eyes, if it feels good to you, and really allow yourself to feel into that word – ‘limitless’.

Limitless abundance, clients & money flowing into your life, with so much ease & gratitude.

Limitless energy, inspiration & creativity, doing what you love, every single day.

Limitless joy, belief, love, connection & soul certainty, available to you in each & every moment.

Limitless freedom…

Infinite potential…

It gives me such a gorgeous expansive feeling, just to pause the busy-ness & tap in for a moment!

I’m not saying the mind monkeys don’t ever come out to play. The ‘will you ever make it’, ‘what if you fail’, ‘what will it cost you’ and the very human doubts & fears & worries that sometimes tap on your shoulder.

But tuning into this expansive energy & returning to the truth of who you are – a divine, infinite being with limitless potential – truly can help you to bring yourself back into alignment, when the mind monkeys do start whispering (or yelling!) in your ear.

This universal truth is a massive part of why I’m so passionate about my business & helping other incredible soul-led women to build wildly successful businesses, too.

Because as impactful coaches, the income & abundance you can receive through doing your purpose work is limitless. There’s quite literally NO cap on what you can create & allow into your life.

Firstly – if you Google ‘Coaching Industry Statistics 2022’ and just look at the reports & statistics, you’ll see that the coaching space is expanding at an incredible rate. Life coaching alone is now a $1billion+ industry. A recent study estimated just the health coaching niche will be worth $8.87 billion by 2025 (I warn you though, it’s easy to lose hours of your life once you start digging into it all!).

I bet most of us could name coaches that we follow, who have built £multi-million businesses while making a real difference with the work they’re doing. Maybe you watch their lives, listen to their podcasts or have bought their courses & programs and experienced deeper transformation for yourself.

The truth is that the possibility is huge right now.

No matter who you feel called to help & serve or what niche you’re in (or want to be in), there’s truly limitless possibility for each & every one of us – to make a real difference to others through your coaching AND create all the impact, abundance & freedom you desire & deserve.

For me, freedom is truly what it all comes down to.

Freedom is one of my absolute deepest core values & if you’re reading this, I’m guess you might well feel the same way.

And as soul-led female entrepreneurs, we both know that life & work are completely intertwined!

Money gives you choices. The more income you choose to receive through your business, the more freedom opens up for you in your life – from where & how you choose to travel; the clothes you choose to buy & the food choices you make at the supermarket, to the educational choices you can make for your kids (and of course, the support you’re able to choose to have within your business).

The life choices you get to make when you’re receiving £10k or £20k or £50k every month through your business – compared to if you’re making £1k or £2k – are SO much greater. The freedom you experience is so much greater.

And of course, as you build your dream business, you have the freedom to work whenever & wherever you like!

Earlier this year, I was craving to feel some real sun on my skin & to experience something completely new & different.

So my husband & I left the kids at home (with family – not abandoned to fend for themselves!) & flew out to the Maldives for 10 days. It was divine, the beautiful aquamarine ocean & sandy beaches,  exactly like the ones you see in all the pictures. My business gave me the complete freedom to both fund the trip & to do absolutely nothing work-wise while I was there.

Or during the school holidays earlier this year, when we rented a beautiful farmhouse near Harrogate for a week, with the whole family. I’d run a Mastermind call or a coaching call in my ‘Business Alchemy Lounge’ membership community, while my mum & dad spent some quality time with the kids. And then we’d all get together for a walk or to eat or play games.

I’m so, so grateful that my business gives me that freedom in my life.

But if these are your desires too – to create limitless income, impact & freedom through your dream business, doing work that truly lights your soul  – I know it can feel soooo far away sometimes, like a daunting, overwhelming mountain to climb (totally been there too!).

So I’d love to leave you today with two powerful things that can really help & support you on your journey.

Firstly – do make sure you get your free ‘Lasting Impact, Limitless Income’ audio & workbook!

It’s my completely free gift for you (you’ll find it on the home page of my website), guiding you through the process of building a 6-figure business with soul & abundance. Attracting the clients, building communities & scaling with alignment…even if you’re just starting out!

And then secondly, I’d love to invite you to join my next (free!) ‘Impactful Coach Experience’ too.

I truly believe that impactful coaching is where we get to have the greatest, most transformative impact for our clients AND for ourselves & our own lives. Where we get to create & experience truly limitless impact & income & freedom!

Whether you’re coaching right now; whether you’d love to start or add a coaching element to your current business (whatever it is that you do) – the free ‘Impactful Coach Experience’ will help you to go beyond ‘normal’ coaching, to hold deep space for client transformations & become the abundant, powerful coach you KNOW you’re meant to be.

Just click here now for all the details & to join the next gorgeous (free) ‘Impactful Coach Experience’!

Because I believe it is time for us, as women, to change the world.

It is time for us to claim everything that we desire – the income & impact & freedom.

It is time for us to commit to creating our dream businesses, knowing we can make a truly positive impact in the world AND receive greatly for it.

So please do go dive into all the goodness waiting for you on those links I shared & I can’t wait to see how your beautiful journey unfolds!

Much love,

Claire x

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