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From Awkward to Unapologetic selling!

When I first started my online coaching business, I felt SO awkward about selling, I used to totally avoid it. 

Looking back now, it sounds so silly – calling myself a business owner without doing the one thing that actually makes a business a business! 

But back then, I’d created a whole story around selling & got myself totally stuck in it. I felt like selling was icky; that I was annoying people or being pushy. I felt like I was almost asking them to do me a favour by buying from me (in truth, I think I probably sounded pretty desperate at times!).

My whole energy around selling was just so misaligned, it was no wonder my business wasn’t growing in the way I desired.

And I’m sharing this with you today because I want you to know that if you’re in the place too, you’re so not alone!

Of course since then, I’ve gone on to grow a multi-6 figure soul-led coaching business that fills me up & lights me up & means I get to be deeply of service, every single day. And in today’s blog, I want to share how you too can go from feeling SO awkward about selling to showing up & selling unapologetically, to grow the business of your dreams!

I just think selling unapologetically is such a huge topic, for so many women who are building their own businesses.

So often, we take that leap into starting our business from a place of passion & purpose and because we want to make a real difference in the world.  

We have these gifts; this magic that we hold inside ourselves that can truly transform the lives of others, whether it’s through coaching or therapy work or a product you sell (or whatever it might be for you).

You KNOW you have this gift, this thing inside you that you want to share with the world.

But selling it? Charging well for your gifts & talents?

It can feel so hard when in your heart & your soul, you feel like you just want to help people & make a difference! 

It’s like one part of you is SO excited about building this dream business. You’re so excited to get out there & talk about how you can help people. But another part of you really struggles when it comes to actually receiving money for the incredible work you do…and you hold yourself back. 

This is the misalignment I really struggled with too, at the start of my journey.

It’s like there’s a battle going on inside you – between just wanting to help & make a difference, and actually allowing yourself to receive the money (which you have to do, by the way – it’s the divine Universal law of compensation that when you give, you have to be able to receive & we need the two things to happen in balance!).

As women doing our purpose work; going out there in the world & shining our lights brightly, whether that’s with products or services  – we need to start giving ourselves REAL permission to sell unapologetically & to receive money for our gifts & talents. 

The truth is that when we just give and give and give, without allowing ourselves to receive, we just energetically burnout. We’ll always be broke and we’ll always be struggling. There HAS to be that balance.

So let me ask you:

Is there anywhere you’re holding yourself back, when it comes to selling? Or maybe you’re getting out there & selling, but you know you’re undercharging? It is time to get unapologetic about it…because when you sell, you serve! 

I was reflecting earlier on the biggest things that helped me to make those shifts, to go from struggling to selling unapologetically & creating such massive growth in my business. 

And I’d love to share a couple of them with you now, so you can begin to make these powerful shifts for yourself! 

1) Recognise the value that YOU bring to the table

I know it can feel SO hard to recognise the value of what you sell, especially when you’re selling your own gifts & knowledge & skills & expertise.

But this was a huge realisation for me back then!

When I thought about the things I invested in – whether high-level coaching & courses, or personal things like buying beautiful shoes or getting massages or having my hair cut – I recognised that I get joy & growth & fulfilment from the things that I buy.

If you think about your own life, I’m guessing you’re the same and the things you buy give you joy & growth & fulfilment, too.

So if those people that I’d bought from – like when I invested in a Mastermind that gave me sleepless nights at the time, thinking about when the next payment would be due! – hadn’t got out of their own way & sold to me unapologetically, where would I be now?

I NEEDED help. I NEEDED support. I NEEDED to learn the strategy & shift my mindset. I NEEDED someone who believed in me, until I began to believe in myself.

That’s absolutely no way I’d have built the business I have, that’s for sure! 

I look back with so much gratitude for all those coaches; all those Masterminds; all those courses; for the masseuses & the hairdressers & the nail technicians – all the things that helped me step into this version of me that I am now. Because without those things, I simply wouldn’t be me, living the life I am.

I’m so grateful that I took the leap & made the investment (especially in myself & my business, which often felt the scariest!). 

But I couldn’t do that, unless those people each showed up & sold unapologetically to me.

It’s the same for the amazing clients & customers YOU want to serve.

They feel the very same way about working with you – that gratitude, joy & growth & fulfilment.  

But they need they need YOU to recognise your worth AND to show up & sell unapologetically to them. Otherwise they’ll be forever denied the chance to say yes & experience your magic!

2) Change your stories…how you FEEL about selling 

This was the thing that was a huge turning point for me, when I started to work on my own mindset & shift my perspective around selling. 

You have magic inside of you. 

You have a gift to share.

You have things to sell that you feel passionate about & excited about & that you KNOW work; that you just believe in so much!

And when I tapped into all of this, it became so clear that I – and you – NEED to become unapologetic about how we show up & start to sell.

Selling from that place of truly serving & making a difference. 

Selling from that place of it being soulful.

Selling from that place of it being sacred, the divine way the Universe works with giving & receiving in balance.

If you gave yourself FULL permission to tap into these truths, instead of the stories you’ve been telling yourself about selling being pushy or icky or awkward…how would that feel? How would you then start showing up? What would change for you? 

And this is a great journaling prompt here I think, if you feel called to explore this more deeply for yourself:

“How is selling unapologetically beautifully aligned for me to make a difference & support my soul clients, now?”

Honestly, I could keep writing about all this for hours!

But if you’d love to go deeper into everything from today, do go & have a quick watch of this Facebook live, over on my business page.

And let me know in the comments what resonates most for you, I’d truly (genuinely) love to know!

Claire x


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