How To Activate Your Energetic Self In Your Business

Supercharge Your Results And Bring In Paying Clients Fast 

If you’re that woman who often feels stuck in her business, then this is for YOU!

Because do you want to know something powerful?

That moment, when you’re feeling frustrated, fed up and like you just want to give in…

Is often a sign that you’re on the edge of your next amazing breakthrough!

So don’t throw in the towel, gorgeous Woman On The Rise. READ THIS, and let’s learn how to shift your energy right now, so you can make this incredible leap even faster…

Are You Ready To Supercharge?

Hell yes, of course you are! So we’re going to dive into quantum energy…

And how you can embrace it and activate it within you, so you can start seeing SUPERCHARGED RESULTS in your business.

And with much more ease!

Because one thing we often do when it comes to growing our business (without knowing it) is we fight against our natural energy.

And I’m going to teach you exactly how to stop that fast.

Have You Heard of Quantum Energy?

The quantum world is all around us. We are part of the quantum.

Every scientist will tell you that everything is energy. Then if everything is energy, we all vibrate as energy.

And guess what that means?

It means ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING is available to us right now! Because it already exists.

So while you might be thinking:

  • How do I find the clients?
  • How do I build this business?
  • How do I make it work?

The truth is, it’s all already there!

All you need to do is align yourself to the right energetic vibration so you can begin to see it. You simply call it to you.

So What’s The Problem?

The truth is, it’s easier said than done.

Because as children, we’re taught how to use our physical bodies. We’re encouraged to walk, talk, write…

But most of us aren’t taught or encouraged to tap into our energetic selves. It can feel like a whole new thing!

But just like we need to learn to walk and we needed encouragement when we kept falling down, we need help with this too. So that we keep going.

As adults, we often avoid trying new things, or give up after one go, because we’re scared of failing.

And even though there’s really no such thing as failing, fear can hold us back.

Give Yourself Permission

If we want to embrace this quantum energy. If we want to allow ourselves to move forward with more ease, more quickly, we need to give ourselves permission to fail.

We need to give ourselves permission to fall down again and again, and then reactivate the level of energy we need within us to attract everything we DESIRE.

We need to learn how to use our energetic bodies. But that can take some time.

Do You Ping Pong Too?

Part of us learning to use our energetic bodies is what I call ping ponging.

It’s when one minute you feel like:

Yes, I can do this! I’m a Woman On The Rise!   


And then the next minute you PONG down into that place of:

Oh my god this isn’t working, why am I doing this? 

And then PING…and then PONG…

Do you know what’s really happening?

You’re ping ponging between your quantum energy (your true self), and your ego.

And doesn’t that feel exhausting? Have you felt it too?

It’s one of the things I see all the time when it comes to women growing their business. So you’re not alone, and we CAN fix this.

Let’s look at how.

You Really Can Train Yourself!

The first thing about quantum energy is that we need to train ourselves how to use our energetic bodies.

Just like we learned to use our physical bodies, we need to learn this too.

So how do you do that?

You start to become aware of it.

You become aware of the energy you hold in your body. Of the feelings that ping pong around you when you’re thinking of the FUTURE YOU WANT TO CREATE.

You become aware of what happens when ego steps in and says:

You can’t do this. Why do you think you’re worthy? 

And all those other seeds of doubt that ego will try to plant.

You stop and notice what happens with your energy.

What happens when you’re in that place of belief and you feel unstoppable? When you’re tuned in to the fact that everything is expansive and everything is available to you now?

Versus the way your energy contracts when you’re in that place of I can’t do this.

It’s Time To Flick The Switch

The more we recognise and tune into that energy, the more we can flick the switch and step into it on purpose.

So how do we ping you back to that place of feeling all of your power and potential?

Try This:

Take a deep breath. Feel your lungs expand. And then let the air out with a bit of force.

Take another deep breath in. This time, let it out more gently.

As you continue breathing, tune into your body. Become aware of the energy of YOU.

Call your energy back to you. Feel yourself wrapping it around you like this gorgeous cloak.

As you do that, imagine what that cloak feels like. How does it look?

Imagine the colours of the cloak wrap around you and nurture that beautiful energy within you.

Now, start to feel the ENERGY AND POSSIBILITY that always lives in you awaken.

Feel it expand. Expand from your heart out into the rest of your body like a beautiful warm, tingling glow. Feel it spread, and feel this expansiveness start to wash over you.

All the way up to the top of your head, and washing right down to your toes, until your whole being feels alive.

You can feel the tingling.

You can feel all of this ENERGY waiting to be set free.

Waiting to go out into the cosmos and activate all of your desires.

Feel into that energy for a moment. Just a glimpse of it is all you need to remind yourself of how POWERFUL you are.

And it’s when you activate this energy, that BOOM, you flick the switch!

Suddenly you are in the quantum, activating EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE.   

What Will YOU Decide?

So when it comes to you wanting results in your business, you’ve got 2 options.

1. You can put yourself in the work hard, push, push, push camp.

You can ignore your energetic self, believe money doesn’t grow on trees…

And live in a place of doubt and fear.

2. Or you can choose to shift yourself into the quantum.

You can choose to activate your energy, flick that switch and take action from a place of inspiration.

A place where everything is already there. It’s simply a matter of re-tuning your radio station to a whole new frequency.

And the truth is, YOU CAN DO IT.

You just need to check in with your energetic self every day, activate the quantum energy within you (like I showed you with the cloak)…

And you’ll soon be quantum leaping forwards, making the INCOME AND IMPACT you want.

You’ll have that flourishing business and be SHINING YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIGHT into the world.

What Are The Signs That YOU Are About To Quantum Leap?

When things start to feel difficult in our business, we often drop into fear.

But those can be some of the magic moments in your business. Because you might be about to quantum leap!

Here are a few signs you might be ready to leap: 

  • You’re getting stuck, you’re demotivated, and you feel like you don’t know how to do it anyway
  • You feel sad, down, flat, low on energy – without any good reason
  • You feel extremely out of character with feelings of anger, frustration, annoyance
  • You have greater than usual delusions about why you shouldn’t have to do the work, it doesn’t really matter anyway, and what’s the point of all of this
  • You have sudden urges to burn the whole thing down to the ground!
  • You feel lost in limbo and worried you’ll never come out of it

Have you felt that at some point in your business?

I know I’ve felt it many times!

But what if you recognised THAT WAS THE MOMENT you were about to activate the quantum leap, rather than going into fear and judgement?

So rather than feeling:

I can’t do it, this isn’t working. 

What if instead, you allowed yourself to shift that energy, flick the switch and quantum leap forward to get the results you want?

You Get To Decide!

Because that energy of stuckness is the activation. That’s the moment YOU get to decide.

You either keep going around the cycle of frustration OR you quantum leap by:

  • Shifting your energy
  • Moving the dial on your radio frequency
  • And allowing yourself to move forward with the energy of the universe behind you!

And you flick that switch by moving into the energy of YOU.

The more you do it, the more you build that muscle and the easier it becomes. Just like when you were learning to walk.

Try This Powerful Trick

There’s one more thing I want to share with you, to help you shift your energy.

Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle, so you have two halves.

On one side of your paper, write:

Fear-based energy 

On the other side, write:

Abundance-based energy 

Then start purposefully tuning into when, in your life and business, you’re taking action from fear-based energy, rather than abundance-based energy.

And write it down.

Let me give you an example:

You’re booking a holiday. But the energy you book that holiday in could be fear-based or it could be abundant.

If you say:

We haven’t got much money. Let’s not break the budget. We’re worried about flying too far… 

That’s fear-based energy.

Abundance energy looks more like:

Let’s book a holiday! Maybe there’s not a huge amount of money, but I’m really excited about what we could do with it and where we could go. This feels amazing…   

So even though booking a holiday might feel abundant, you can act from very different energy states.

So start noticing, in your business, where are you taking action from a fear-based place? And where are you taking action from abundance?

Step Into Abundance

The more you step into abundance-based energy, the more you’re activating the quantum energy within you.

The more you’re stepping into that place of expansiveness, welcoming in abundance and letting go of fear and scarcity-based energy.

So start keeping that list. You might be surprised at how often you act from fear without even realising.

But this isn’t a chance to judge yourself or beat yourself up. Just think:

Wow, isn’t that interesting? I wonder how I can choose differently next time.   

Now go and smash your week. Flick the switch on your quantum energy.

Remember you’re a woman filled with potential and possibilities.

You can create anything. If you can imagine it, it’s yours to create.

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Much Love



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