How To Get Through The Messy Middle Of Growing Your Business

Have you been busy taking all the steps to kickstart your beautiful business, but now you’re thinking:

Where are the clients?

Maybe you’ve even launched your fabulous offer, and then…

No one bought it.

If that sounds like you, don’t panic! You’re probably in the messy middle of growing your business and I know exactly how to help you.

So take a few minutes to breathe and read this.

I’m about to share 4 incredible tips that WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING.


I think there are 3 phases of starting your business.

Phase one is the excitement. The idea. The oh my goodness, maybe I could really do this!

There’s real momentum. You take the leap. You work out what your business is, what your message is, who your clients are…

You’ve got VISION, you’ve got PASSION. People around you tell you you’re so INSPIRING.

And then suddenly…

Things start to feel different. You wake up one day realising you’ve ticked the boxes and done all of the things.

But where are your clients?

Then you start to panic.

Does this sound familiar? Then you’re at that messy middle!


What Does The Messy Middle Look Like?

The messy middle is when fear and doubt start to creep in. The limiting beliefs.

Who am I to do this? What if I’m not enough? Who wants to buy from me anyway?

But don’t panic – because you’re absolutely not failing.

This is a natural part of your business journey. If business was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

That’s why businesses can fail. Because so many people get to the middle and think I can’t do this. And they give up.

But I’m here to tell you that you CAN make it through.

And when you look back, this will be one of the biggest things that helped you and your business grow.

So right now, if you’re in this messy middle, I know it doesn’t feel like fun. But I promise you that one day, if you keep going, you’ll look back and think wow do you remember when…   

There Is Life After The Messy Middle!

The first thing to know, if you’re in this messy bit, is that it is the middle. There is a next step. Otherwise it wouldn’t be the middle!

I want you to overcome some of this fear and struggle, so you can ENJOY THIS JOURNEY.

Because the journey is what it’s about.

The more you can let go and enjoy it, the more you will shift quickly and get results.

Think of it like planting seeds. You have to TRUST THE PROCESS. You’ve ploughed your field and you’re waiting for the sun and rain to do their thing.

But don’t give up and start digging your seeds up again! Trust that if you keep nurturing them, they will grow.

So how do you practise trust as you go through the messy part of growing your business?

What are the steps you need to take? And which ones will you choose?

Let’s break it down…

1. Never Take Action From A Place Of Struggle

Instead, let’s quantum leap you forward to your future self.

To do this, you need to ask yourself:

Who is that future version of me?

So if, for example, you’re aiming to have a 6 figure business, think about the version of you who has already achieved that goal.

You have already built that business, you have clients and you know how to sell. You have absolute certainty about your value and how you support people.

From that place of confidence, how would things look?

Grab A Piece Of Paper, And Let’s Explore This

Because this is something I used to do every single day when I was going through the messy middle of my business.

Divide your page into 3 columns.

Across the top of the page, like a title, write your goal. For example:

6 Figure Business. 

What Would You Be DOING?

At the top of the first column, write the word Doing.

Then ask yourself:

If I was already making 6 figures in my business with ease, and had that confidence and certainty, what would I be doing?

Because we’re going to leap you out of this messy middle and get you taking action as if you’re already there.

So what would the version of you who has already made it be doing on a daily basis?

Your list might say:

  • I would believe in myself so I would take more action
  • I would be showing up and doing lives every day
  • I would be building my email list and emailing that list
  • I would be building a badass community of awesome women

What Would You Be BEING?

Then at the top of column 2, write the word Being.

What would you be being if you had already made it?

For example:

  • I would be being confident
  • I would be being brave
  • I would be giving myself permission to show up and be more of me, knowing that the right people would connect with me

What Would You Be HAVING?

Then at the top of the third column, write the word Having.

The 6 figure version of me would have:

  • Support – someone there helping me in my business
  • A cleaner
  • Systems set up to support me
  • An email list

What things would you have in your business that allowed it to feel easy?

When you’re in the messy middle, this is the kind of clarity you need to start moving you closer and closer to your goal.

So if you’re feeling stuck, do this task daily.

Work out the things you would be being, doing and having as that 6 figure business owner, and start creating some of those things now, to QUANTUM LEAP yourself forward.

2. You Choose To Have Faith

Instead of letting yourself sizzle in a pan full of beliefs that don’t serve you, you can purposely choose beliefs that will help you move forward.

Beliefs like:

  • The universe is working for me
  • Life happens for me and not to me
  • The more fun I have in my business, the more money I make

Think about those beliefs and choose to HAVE FAITH.

Remember those seeds. If you start digging them up to see if they’re growing, you’ll ruin everything.

Continue to take action, and trust that the results are going to show up.

Be consistent. Don’t yo-yo back and forth, letting fear keep pulling you back. Because each time you start again, it will take extra momentum.

And in continually stopping and starting, you’ll build negative beliefs that things aren’t working.

Purposefully choose the beliefs that are going to SUPPORT YOU ON THIS JOURNEY and have faith.

3. Break What You Are Doing Down Into A Strategy

As human beings, we’re running strategies all the time. It’s how our brains work.

So we already naturally break things down into strategies. We just don’t see it that way.

You already have a strategy for how you get out of bed, how you brush your teeth. the way you get dressed…

When you start to see the strategies you’re already running in your business, it will help you hugely. Because you can start to improve them!

How do you do that? Let’s take a look.

Getting Clear On Your Strategies

Firstly, think of one thing that you already do in your business.

It could be selling, creating content, connecting with your potential clients…

Then think of it in terms of a strategy.

Let’s say you choose to look at selling. Break it down step by step. How do you sell?

It could look like this. (Quick example, and probably a rubbish sales strategy!):

  1. Plan what to sell
  2. Email your list
  3. Do a live video
  4. Tell people that doors are closed


Once you’ve written down your strategy, think…

How can you supercharge it?

For example, step 2 was emailing your list.

  • What if you emailed them 3 times instead of once?
  • What if you made the whole email a big ta-da, doors are opening and here’s why you absolutely need this, instead of a little P.S. at the end?
  • What if you added a video, explaining why your offer was so amazing?


You’ve just MASSIVELY UPGRADED your strategy and SUPERCHARGED your chances of selling.

Then look at the other steps in your strategy. Could you mirror what you’ve done above? Could you go live more? Add more excitement? Could you do live interviews?


You could even add more steps to your strategy. How about doing a bit of personal outreach to people who’ve shown an interest, before doors close?

So when you start seeing these tasks in your business as strategies, you can easily build on them to get amazing results.

Before you know it, you’ll have kickass strategies, more clients coming in and of course more sales – so YOUR BUSINESS WILL GROW, BIG TIME.

4. Keep On Going

When things don’t go as planned – PICK YOURSELF UP and go again.

Maybe you went through the steps in number 3, and you didn’t get results first time.

But that’s OK – because you did not fail.

You learned. And now you’re ready to go again.

  • Because the universe is WORKING FOR YOU
  • Because you either get the result you wanted or YOU GET SOMETHING EVEN BETTER
  • And maybe you’ve learned something that will TRANSFORM the future of your business

It’s Time To Get Brave

So those are the 4 things that will get you out of the messy middle of your business.

The question is, will you be brave and do them?

Because you’ve got to get out of your own way and switch off that fear. I don’t mean get rid of the fear altogether. Most people who build businesses have fears and anxieties.

The difference between the people who get results and those who don’t is that they keep on going NO MATTER WHAT.

They say:

Oh, hi fear. Jump in the car with me, I’m driving.

It’s about knowing you have those fears and being ready to DO IT ANYWAY.

It’s about knowing you’ll get back up because you trust that every time you plant new seeds in your field and keep nurturing them, THEY WILL GROW.

Choose One Idea And Start Now

So which of these 4 things will you work on first?

Which one will you grab hold of to help you leap forward?

To get yourself out of that messy middle and start getting the results you truly desire…

Make sure you tell me in the comments. I always LOVE to know.

Much Love



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