How To Position Yourself Powerfully + Unlock Your Unique Magic!

How do we show the world who we are –  what we stand for and what we do in our businesses, to attract our dream clients – without niching ourselves down so much, that we put ourselves in a box?

Because when we put ourselves into a niche that feels limiting, we fight against ourselves every single step of the way! 

Maybe right now, you’re really struggling to find your niche. Maybe you’ve not quite got there yet. Maybe you’re feeling confined by the niche you’ve chosen. Or maybe the opposite is true – you’re putting yourself out there in an “I’m a life coach, I can help everyone” kind of way & that’s not working for you either! 

It’s one of the areas I struggled with so much, in the early days of my own journey. One of my key values is freedom – maybe you’re the same – and I hate the idea of being limited by anything in life.

I felt really afraid that if I started calling myself a specific type of coach or started to claim a particular niche, it would feel limiting in some way. Every time I tried to find a business name or explain what I did, it just didn’t feel like the expansive energy I wanted to be playing in as a coach. 

So if you’re feeling that way too right now, you’re totally not alone!

One of the reasons niching can feel so limiting, is that sense of “this is how I’ve defined myself and my work, so this is how I have to stay”. When the truth is that so many of us soul-led women in business are on such a journey of personal growth, very quickly the niche that felt aligned last month or last year suddenly stops feeling aligned at all. Deep down, we know this and so we fight against putting ourselves in a box that feels restrictive or confining. 

But of course, we don’t want to be on the other side of the fence either. Being super generic and trying to serve and talk to everyone is possibly even worse! 

It’s one of the biggest blocks so many people have, when it comes to positioning themselves in the world. 

What is my niche? How do I define what I do, without feeling hemmed in? 

How do I put myself out there in a way that’s magnetic; that allows me to build this dream business & become fully booked & receive richly for my work, to create the life I’ve been craving? 

The secret to positioning yourself powerfully is about tapping into the unique magic of you – finding the magic within you and fully unleashing it into your business. Because nobody else is you, they can never be you & THIS is what makes you beyond magnetic to your dream clients! 

Your magic is where your power lies.

No-one else in the history of the universe has the same combination of magic as you. 

And I’m so excited to walk you through these 4 pillars today, to make it so simple for you to find your magic, share it with the world and begin to position yourself super powerfully! 

Pillar #1: Your Passion

This first pillar is so simple, and yet so powerful…your passion.

Our passions are our signposts in life; the things we are born to do in this lifetime. 

  • What are the things that you’re truly passionate about in this world?
  • What are the things that light you up?
  • What are the things that excite you?

Grab your journal and start tapping into this. 

It might be that you’re totally clear on this & the answers pour through you!

If you’re struggling, try going back to your childhood and look for the threads that you’ve carried through your whole life. Don’t overcomplicate it or try to figure out how it fits into your business – just tap into the things that lit you up or simply felt amazing to you. 

What are the things you truly care about? What could talk about 24/7 and not get bored of? What could you do again & again & again and literally be living your dream life?

What do you love so much, you’d do it for free? 

Because when you take the time explore this first pillar, that love and passion and excitement can start to flow through your business! 

Pillar #2: Your Biggest Life Lessons

Again, grab your journal & just start to explore:

  • What are some of the things you’ve been through in life?
  • And by going through them, you grew big time…even if they were incredibly painful at the time?
  • Looking back, what are the moments that showed you what you’re made of?

Some of these lessons we learnt at the time; some of them we learned later. 

There may be childhood wounds that you’ve allowed to heal as an adult. There may be experiences and traumas that came later in your life.

The key here is not the thing that happened in itself, but the lesson you learnt from it – lessons of surrender; trust; faith; resilience; strength; self-ownership; self-love; self-acceptance; breaking old patterns & habits; stepping into better health. Lessons that have shaped the amazing person you are today.  

Go big picture with this & look for the threads that it would feel incredible to bring into your work & your message.

Because we you meet someone or go live on Facebook and talk about your work – and it’s coming from that place of real belief, of the lessons that you’ve learned and the passions that you have – your dream clients WILL feel it. This is your magic and your magnetism. This is what makes you unstoppable! 

Pillar #3: Your Knowledge + Wisdom

  • What are things you’ve learned – academically; from books; from courses; from training; from anywhere in life?
  • What is the deep wisdom you have inside of you…the things you just know?
  • What are the things you practice in your own life, that you can start to bring into your work?

This isn’t just about what you know in your head, but how you actually live it. 

Like for me, I’ve learned so much about how our brains are wired – our neurological levels; how we learn; what happens in our brains and the chemical reactions in our bodies – not because I was thinking “I need to learn this to build a coaching business”, but because it’s just magical to me, how the human body and soul works. It enthrals me & gives me so much to bring into my coaching and the conversations I have online.

So what are all the things you’ve learned during this lifetime? The innate wisdom you have coded into your DNA?

Make a big list & get it all down in your journal!

Pillar #4: Your Natural Strengths…

…the things you’ve just been born with! 

This one might feel hard, but start tapping in: 

  • What are your innate gifts and talents? 
  • What are things that perhaps in the past, you didn’t see as a strength or that made you different…but you now KNOW is part of your superpower? 

Maybe you’re sensitive; intuitive; an empath; a healer; a mystic; a natural people connector. 

This is your unique blend of magic, that you get to bring to the table. It’s the thread that connects you to your dream clients. 

It’s what makes your work and your coaching next-level and creates true transformation, for the beautiful humans you get to serve!

I’d love to invite you to take some time today, to work through each of these pillars for yourself.

As you start to step into this more & more fully, you’ll feel just how powerful it is, as your foundations to build your business from…to define your dream clients, your message to the world and to position yourself with real power.

Can you feel the difference between the beautiful, expansive energy of “this is who I am and I’m simply sharing this online” – compared with the energy of “what I am going to post and say today, so that people want to buy from me and follow me online?

Which do you think is going to magnetise your dream clients? 

It is time to fully unleash your magic on the world, to create all the impact & income you desire!

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Much love,

Claire x

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