Unlocking Exponential Business Growth, An Avalanche Of Ideal Clients & An Abundance Of Sales…Building The Business Of Your Dreams!



Are you ready to build a powerful online PRESENCE, attract CLIENTS ready to BUY?
Do you want to SELL your programs & products with more speed, ease & alignment then ever before!

2024 is the year you’re ready to bring your beautiful, bold business dream to life.
To learn how to utilise social media to attract soul clients ready to buy. 
To discover and implement the strategies that WORK for growing your audience, making more sales…and improving your bank balance.
To work smarter not harder and build your business in a harmonious way with your life and values.
To move past the doubt & overwhelm that can slow you down and hold you back.
​To make this the year you scale your business, hit those bigger income months and finally feel you’re making the impact your heart desires!

You're in the right place

Together we will unlock...
the clients,
the impact,
the income.

You have a powerful VISION, you SEE the difference you can make, but you’re not sure where to START or how to begin creating the growth you both deserve and desire. 

You want to make a powerful impact, and an abundant income, creating more freedom and joy.

The cookie cutter approach fills you with dread, and I totally get it! You want action that feels aligned and to build this business leaning into your gifts and magic.


This is the program, the space and the support that will teach you the aligned strategy, the perfect positioning, and show you how to build an aligned audience of your soul clients.


Whether you desire to create your first 5k months, your first 6-figure year or more, this is the journey to unleash limitless success in YOUR business.

The Impact & Income Academy

...The place for exponential business growth, 

...An avalanche of clients ready to buy,

...and YOU, becoming the woman who builds her empire!!

When I first took my own business online, I was lost, overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t attracting the clients and making the sales. I felt like I was taking the action but not seeing the results.

Does this sound like you?

I invested in program after program, worked with different coaches, took the action I was told to, and yet attracting clients and making sales felt like a daily uphill battle! 

What I was doing didn’t feel aligned, until I discovered a different way!

A way where you get to bring your strengths and gifts to the table, a way where you add more of YOU to the magic mix, a way where you can enjoy the business you are building.

What I uncovered is that YES, there is an art to your messaging, how you show up and what you share. A way to position yourself and your offers powerfully and strategies you can implement that are simple for success. 

HOWEVER, the secret to building and scaling your business, is in aligning it to YOU.

Inside the Academy, this is part of the work we do.

This is a Powerful Journey

to support you in...

Making the kind of money you’ve always wanted to make.
Feeling clear, confident and on top of your game every single day.
Being part of a group of like-minded women all taking the leap and supporting each other every step of the way.

Knowing the action to take with simple go-to strategies that get you results. 

Seeing your community grow, with others trusting your expertise and raving about your services & products.
Enjoying the sales rolling in each day.
​​Finally feeling like you’ve ‘GOT THIS’ that you are the entrepreneur, the change maker that deep down, you know you were born to be.

The scattergun approach, the spaghetti marketing, the stop-starting, the second guessing, the doubt, perfection, overwhelm, all hold YOU back from the business you desire……this is why so many female entrepreneurs have big dreams but little money to show for the work they are doing!

The Impact & Income Academy will help you leave this energy behind for good with its powerful combinations of monthly training modules, mindset & soul alignment, strategy and action that feels fabulous and a community alongside you every step of the way!!

It’s all about empowerment, alignment, YOU giving yourself permission and building unshakable trust and confidence within yourself to truly leap to your next business level.

Who is the Academy for?

The Academy is for women who:

Want to see results – you want the strategy and action broken down into simple but powerful steps.
For women who desire more speed and more ease…how do you work smarter and get results faster.
This is for women who are ready to dream a bigger dream…..and know that now is the time to do this.
This is for the woman who knows it’s time to transform from the inside-out and become the women who is building her the business of her dreams!

No-more hiding, no-more playing small, no-more working hard but going nowhere… It’s time to end the overwhelm and get into clear, inspired action.

Making the magic happen...:

OK, so the first thing we’re going to do is activate your INNER ENTREPRENEUR, stepping you into the belief, the clarity and the embodiment of the woman building her empire. 

Your identity impacts the actions you take, your consistency, how you do the work, your expectations, and your boundaries. We will begin this journey by dialing up how you see YOU…making you unstoppable and feeling deeply connected to your calling!

We will transform the POWER of your POSITIONING…it’s not just about what you do, and who you serve, the magic is in HOW YOU SHARE it! 

It is the positioning piece that makes all the difference when it comes to attracting aligned clients who are ready to buy, and YOU charging and receiving more abundantly in your business.

Discover the secrets of building and nurturing an engaged community with ease, so you always have people ready to buy from you without the need for any pushy sales tactics.

With some simple, repeatable strategies we will increase your visibility and begin building a mighty audience of those who love what you do and are ready to invest in your help, support, products and services. 

Embrace to power of super simple funnels (I’ll teach you how!), grow your mailing list and build your business even while you sleep.

While social media is the secret sauce to growing an epic audience….building your own mailing list is key to making those bigger income months. I’ll take you step by step though how to start and grow an engaged list that exponentially impacts your sales.

Selling daily can become dull….but there is a better way! Welcome to abundant sales cycles where we unlock the power of LAUNCHING to scale your business BIG time. 

With this strategy we will unlock the potential of you building a 6 or even 7-figure business doing what you love!

Rewire your internal money codes and discover the secrets to the unapologetic sales system to begin receiving more income with more ease than ever before!

This is where we uplevel your selling from the inside out, aligning you to the mindset of selling and receiving with ease and implementing a successful sales process to send your profits through the roof!

You ready? Let’s go!

What Your Academy Experience Looks Like

The Impact & Income Academy has been created to follow a dynamic journey based around 7 core modules over 16 weeks that include;

Weekly Core Training

where I will be teaching you the strategy, tools and implementation to take you to consistent 5k months and beyond.

Weekly Workbooks

designed to help you integrate the training and break down your action into a simple step by step process and hold you accountable in creating the results.

Live Group Coaching & Q&A Sessions:

so you have all the guidance, support needed to take action and implement all the the training seeing results for yourself.

Group Implementation Sessions

to ensure you feel supported in implementing the strategy and action for yourself.

Mindset Trainings & Support

to keep you in alignment and up-level your beliefs and identity… supporting you to embody your best self in this process.

A Powerful Community

to share your journey with a group of incredible women on the same pathway as you, having a space for extra support and guidance is key for next-level success.

The Modules

Your Investment

£3,497 or 6 payments of £515/month

£2,497 or 5 payments of £499/month



*Pay In Full Bonus; 1;1 Business Breakthrough Session with Claire Valued £997 to be used any time during the Academy!

**Fast Action Bonus; Join before Monday 6th May Midnight and receive an invite to the next Business Breakthrough Day In Person Event!

And Some Super Special One Off Bonuses!

These super powerful programs will complement the work we do in the Academy even further, creating more ease and faster breakthroughs in creating next level results!

The Money, Abundance & Wealth Breakthrough
(Value £495)

A four week recoding of your money mindset relationship with money, and the health of your bank balance for good!e!

(Value £997)

8 week program taking you through step by step how to start, grow and monetize your Facebook group as a key part of your business growth strategy!

(Value £997)

Discover how to amplify your message and scale your business fast….with the power of Facebook Ads. This program will get you started with running successful ads (even if you’re terrified of the tech!) so you can grow your audience with speed!

(Value £497)

Plug & play, done for you emails, so you can fast track your way to supercharged connection with your dream clients for good! 

(Value £497)

The 4 week intensive business breakthrough program!
The program to help you to stand out, show up and sell more online! 

The Tech Training Vault
(Value £997)

All the tech training and support you need to run a 6 and 7 figure business, broken down, step by step with support available every step of the way!

Just a Glimpse

of what my client's have to say!

I joined the Academy after a free challenge with Claire (even though I had no money and said I wasn’t joining). Thank goodness I was brave enough to trust myself to make it work because my life and business have completely transformed.

I now run an online business that brings in multiple 6 figures and allows me the flexibility to work from home around my kids.

My 3 biggest wins would be: the pride and confidence I now have, the money that I now earn and how I’m now helping hundreds women to earn more and be able to support themselves too!!

Joanna Tompkins

Claire is powerful as a coach. She is bubbly, powerful and so energetic you can’t help but feel motivated after you’ve worked with her! 

I’m now in mastermind number 2 and chose to stay with Claire because she truly gets to know you. Having a coach is so valuable in your life and you are in safe, empowering and nurturing hands!

Lanna Hussain

Words can’t describe just how incredible Claire is.

She is the goddess of business and growing your mindset and the best coach I have ever worked with.

I love her with all of my heart!

Kasia Novak

Claire is empathetic and intuitive. The push I need without being pushy. Just the right balance of friendly face and no-excuse accountability! The right mix of strategy and mindset. 

She’s high vibe, and always leaves me buzzing with belief and vision!

Joanne Wu

If not now...when?

Being able to replace your 9-5 and generate more income than ever before!

Having complete clarity and a step by step plan that would take you from just starting out, to running your own thriving business.

Feeling confident in your ability and truly make a difference with your skills and gifts

You knew how to attract dream clients on demand and package your programs so you get a resounding YES from potential clients.

You were able to work on your own schedule, wherever and when ever you choose, giving you more freedom than ever before.

Your Investment

£3.497 or 6 payments of £699/month

£2,497 or 5 payments of £499/month



*Pay In Full Bonus; 1;1 Business Breakthrough Session with Claire Valued £997 to be used any time during the Academy!

**Fast Action Bonus; Join before Monday 6th May Midnight and receive an invite to the next Business Breakthrough Day In Person Event!

Answers to Your Questions

Absolutely not – the training is there to support you and while it is super powerful, the biggest shifts you will experience will be in our weekly group calls. Each week we will look at what you can do immediately to start getting the results you desire – I am all about building momentum fast! 

You also get lifetime access to all of these trainings so can go back and watch anything you miss in the future as it feels relevant.

YES, absolutely, you can spread the cost over 5 payments to help make it more affordable to you. 

Great question – this program is different to others as we don’t follow a cookie cutter approach. Instead we shift you from the inside out and create strategies that are really aligned to YOU and your strengths. We create specific ways of growing your business that feel great for you.

That’s where our weekly calls come in, the message support you receive – I am here to support you fully through this process so we can get you unstuck FAST and get you back on track!

I am super passionate about helping you create your own core message that will connect deeply with your soul clients, this is one of my own gifts so we will get you crystal clear in no-time!

I have worked with hundreds of women in helping them to take their business to a whole new level, so whether your just getting started or you’re ready to receive those consistent 10k plus months this program will give you everything you need.

Firstly, you won’t need a website for what we will be doing, and secondly I am going to introduce you to very simple tech systems that you will love when you see the ease they add to your business. I was a technophobe myself when I started out with this, so I get it and am here to help you embrace simple, effective tech that will help your business to soar!

I honestly believe that waiting for the ‘right time’ to invest in your business is likely to keep you waiting. If you feel that pull inside of you and are ready to make the leap, the commitment that comes from that usually delivers incredible results. 

Most of my clients don’t have money sitting in the bank when it comes to making that investment, however they find a way to make it work because they choose to believe in themselves and their future.

Hi! I’m Claire, aka the wealth alchemist, founder of Wealth Alchemy, and the Impactful Coach. Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of women to live life on purpose, step out of their 9-5 & create incredible businesses with way more freedom, way more joy & way more abundance. 

I believe our pathway to success is being ALL of ourselves – That means not putting ourselves in a box or comparing ourselves to others, but rather giving ourselves permission to shine brightly!!

When I first started coaching, I felt like I needed to be the ‘best’ for people to want to pay me. I fell into all of the mistakes many new coaches make. I didn’t feel ‘ready’ I didn’t ‘see’ myself as a coach, I didn’t recognise the value I brought to the coaching sessions and I sold myself short when it came to pricing.

Everyday I see women who are destined for more, they feel the pull, they have a dream but often they need support in building the confidence and truly pressing play on their dreams.

This is what ‘wealth alchemy’ is about. Daring to dream a bigger dream and making it a reality while also making a beautiful impact in the lives of others

Are you ready for the next level

clients, income and impact?

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