Living MORE in the Magical Feminine (+ Still Taking Massive Aligned Action!)

Do you ever feel like you just want to be free to work your magic and create this incredible, abundant business that deeply impacts people’s lives – without ANY of the practical day-to-day stuff that comes with it?!

Like you just want to be like the shaman or the healer in the village, the village takes care of you and in return, you work with the magic to take care of the village?

Because that’s how I want to live!

And I honestly think it’s how so many of us women building heart-led businesses feel too.

We feel SO called to build a business that truly makes a difference & helps people.

We don’t want to feel in financial scarcity anymore. We long to feel abundant; to experience wealth in every single imaginable way.

We just want to be able to do our thing & receive richly for our magic, without having to do all the stuff in between – the actual selling and making money and the logistics and everything that goes along with it!  

It’s like there’s this huge missing piece, that doesn’t fit the magic.

The practical piece that pulls you out of the magic & almost blocks you being able from being able to do that work in the most effective & powerful way…because suddenly, you have to put your practical hat on & think about the strategy and the selling and the funnels and everything else.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. 

Because we all know that building a business is taking about the aligned action. Without action, nothing happens. No-one knows about us; we help no-one & we experience a fraction of the impact & income we KNOW in our hearts we’re meant for.

But even when the action’s aligned, there’s still a missing piece.

Like you know it’s totally aligned for you to go live or build the new funnel or set up your email list or post the sales message online…but you feel a deep sense of resistance or frustration that you have to do it at all.

You know it’s the aligned action to take; you know it’s all part of building a business; you know it makes sense strategically, in creating your dream business & life. So why can’t you just get on with it?! 

I think it’s so easy to underestimate the impact of feeling this way. The more we feel it, the more we resist doing what we KNOW needs to happen. The negative thoughts start to chatter louder & louder in our heads – that we’re not good enough; never follow through with anything; there’s something wrong with us. 

We procrastinate (again). 

We see other people being “successful” on social media & it makes us feel like total sh*t. It feels like the distance between where we are & where we want to be is growing & our dreams are getting further & further away. 

If we don’t recognise the truth of what’s going on – the piece that’s really missing – the danger is that we feel worse & worse about ourselves, day after day. We can be so hard on ourselves & it can be a horribly depressing pattern, once it takes hold.

Of course we’re all different. But if any this resonates with you, to whatever degree, I promise you are not alone and truly, it’s ok. It’s simply part of the journey.

Here’s what I know to be true:

You HAVE to switch into the masculine energy. There’s a transition that HAS to happen – because you actually can’t stay in the feminine energy of working your magic, for the practical aligned action-taking part of building your business. You HAVE to allow the masculine to step up & support you.

But so often, that doesn’t feel safe. 

Our feminine doesn’t feel fully supported but equally, she still doesn’t fully trust that bigger masculine energy to understand her. 

This is the missing piece for so many of us, that all the resistance & frustration is born from.

I think a lot of women have some concept of this, in some way. 

We feel a deep desire to live more in that magical feminine space, but we don’t give ourselves permission. We mute it for fear of judgement or being misunderstood or being called crazy. It doesn’t feel safe to fully allow that part of ourselves through.

So we skip in & out of it constantly. We trust the magic for a little bit & then we get scared and skip back again. Then we feel suffocated in our daily lives & we skip back into the magical feminine space for a while. It feels amazing for a bit & then once again, it gets too scary & we skip back. 

It’s like this constant hopping in-and-outness, where you only allow your feminine out to whatever degree you do, rather than being able to fully let ourselves go. 

Especially if we have people around us in our day to day lives, who think it’s all nonsense!

And when there’s practical aspects of daily life, that we feel like we have to take care of.

What this really comes down to is trusting that the things you feel inside yourself are real.

We need to give our feminine permission to be seen; to trust that actually it WILL be ok, in order to allow the masculine to step up & support her. 

And through doing so, we then build that bank of evidence for ourselves; proof that we are in fact safe.

I’m not going to ask you what happen if you fully allowed yourself to trust & let go, because your answer would most likely be along the lines of “holy sh*t, I have no idea!”. It’s almost too scary to think about what the incredible scale of the transformation would be, for our businesses and our lives. 

But I will leave you with this:

What’s just ONE thing you would do differently today, if you gave yourself that permission? 

If you gave the feminine full permission to be seen, fully trusted that you ARE safe & allowed the masculine to fully step up & support you?

What would you do; say; create; birth into this physical world? 

How would you show up?

And most importantly, how would that feel?

These are exactly the kind of questions I adore to journal on. And I’d genuinely love to know what comes up for you! 

If you’re not already with us inside our beautiful community of nearly 20,000 women building heart-led businesses & creating wealth in every single way, then I’d love to invite you to join us & share your thoughts. Here’s where you can find the free Facebook group & request to join today.

I can’t wait continue this journey with you, of allowing the feminine inside us to truly come alive & fully be seen!

Much love,

Claire x

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