Where Soul Meets Strategy
Passion Meets PROFIT!

Activating the magic in your business

It’s about stepping up and claiming the business and life you truly desire.

It’s about becoming the woman who brings her biggest dreams to life.

​​It’s about allowing in the magic of creation and creativity, taking action from inspiration and flow.

It’s about making the impact you desire and learning to receive richly for all the work you do!

The dream business... The dream clients... The dream impact... The dream income...
It’s time to activate it NOW!

Are you ready

to unleash the potential and purpose that lives within you and start living it in a bigger way?

Are you ready

to allow yourself to be supported, guided, as you commit to growing your business in a fully aligned way?


Where soul meets strategy
purpose meets profit

A community of conscious creators, ready to build their dream business, make a bigger impact and receive more richly for the work they do…
are you ready to join us?


Having ongoing support guidance and training as you navigate your way to business success.

No longer feeling alone, lost, unsupported or uninspired and instead being part of a community of like-minded women who understand the path you walk.

Having a go-to place for answers, guidance and clarity.

Feeling ignited and inspired on the road to bringing your biggest, boldest business vision to life!

A very special space that will support you in:

  • Making the kind of money you’ve always wanted to make…
  • Feeling clear, confident and on top of your game every single day…
  • Having the freedom to work on your own time, doing what you love…
  • Knowing the action to take with simple strategies that get you results
  • Seeing your community grow, with others trusting your expertise and raving about your services & products
  • Enjoying the sales rolling in each day.
  • Finally making the impact & income you’ve always dreamed of!

The Wealth Alchemy Lounge is a safe, supportive, inspiring space for women ready to build an empire…….you want to grow a business doing what you love, you desire to make a positive impact and great income along-side it, you want to feel free, live life to the fullest and inspire others to do the same!!

This is the place you can call home if you’re building a heart centered business, want to earn more money doing what you love and also desire to make an impact with your knowledge, gifts & energy.

It’s a place that brings together the support, the training and the community, launching you into the success you desire…

  • You’re ready to build your dream business in a much bigger way but you want to do it on your terms in a way that feels fabulously aligned.
  • You need to start earning more money doing what you love – this isn’t a hobby and you’re ready to go all-in.
  • You care so deeply about what you do, but you’re aware you can slip into perfectionism making the work feel hard and you’re ready to embrace more ease.
  • You KNOW you can help others with what you do, you’re passionate about supporting your soul clients through their problems, but the overgiving and undervaluing of yourself needs to change.
  • Hustle and working 24/7 is simply not for you, you know it’s time to lean into soul, flow and allow the money to roll in… you just need to know how!
  • You want to be part of a community, to feel supported and surrounded with like minded women as you take this journey into the future you desire.

It's time for change

The scattergun approach, the spaghetti marketing, the stop-starting, the second guessing, the doubt, perfection, overwhelm, all hold YOU back from the business you desire……this is why so many female entrepreneurs have big dreams but little money to show for the work they are doing!

The Wealth Alchemy Lounge will help you leave this energy behind for good with its powerful combinations of monthly training modules, mindset & soul alignment, strategy and action that feels fabulous and a community alongside you every step of the way!!

It’s all about empowerment, alignment, YOU giving yourself permission and building unshakable trust and confidence within yourself to truly leap to your next business level.

What you recieve in

All the training, support, guidance & community to grow your business BIG TIME!

Access to the Wealth Alchemy Lounge Community – where you’ll find YOUR people. It’s where real friends are made, collaborations born & where you’ll find ALL the support you’ll ever need.

Monthly LIVE Masterclass with me – The soul & the strategy, the energy and the alignment. All the training to get you to 10k months & beyond.

Monthly LIVE Marketing + Mindset Sessions – where you can get support and clarity on your next steps for client attraction and soul-led selling.

Monthly LIVE Q+A with yours truly – show up, drop in, bring whatever you’re stuck on … and let’s get you unstuck!

Monthly Networking Sessions – to collaborate, share, and build your audience.

Monthly LIVE Guest Experts – that extra magic touch with those change-makers in their business sharing their expertise with YOU!

All Access to the Training Vault – filled with training to answer all your questions and support you in creating the results BIG TIME!!


£77 £55 

  • Access to the Wealth Alchemy Lounge
  • Community Support
  • Full Access to the Business Alchemy Training Vault

6 Months

£397 £297

  • Access to the Wealth Alchemy Lounge
  • Community Support
  • Full Access to the Business Alchemy Training Vault
  • BONUS! The Money, Abundance & Wealth Breakthrough (Value £495)


£795 £595

  • Access to the Wealth Alchemy Lounge 
  • Community Support
  • Full Access to the Business Alchemy Training Vault
  • BONUS! The Money, Abundance & Wealth Breakthrough (Value £495) 
  • BONUS! 20 Minute 1:1 Laser Coaching Session with Claire (Value £495)

Your Bonus for Joining for 6 Months!

The Money, Abundance & Wealth Breakthrough (Value £495)

This four week deep dive training will re-code your money mindset, transform your relationship with money and improve the health of your bank balance for good! Discover how to rewire limiting beliefs and past experiences with money and begin receiving with more ease!

Your Bonus for Joining for 12 Months!

The Money, Abundance & Wealth Breakthrough (Value £495)

This four week deep dive training will re-code your money mindset, transform your relationship with money and improve the health of your bank balance for good! Discover how to rewire limiting beliefs and past experiences with money and begin receiving with more ease!

20 Minute 1:1 Laser Coaching Session with Claire (Value £495)

Let’s kick start the results you desire in your business, by creating your business breakthrough plan! 

When you join the Wealth Alchemy Lounge


Become the woman who feels super confident, aligned and clear. The woman who has trust in herself and her ability to bring her dream business to life!

Each month you will build clarity and claim for yourself how to:

  • Create your place in the market by activating your unique gifts, knowing how to share it as a powerful message that magnetises soul clients and gets your business growing! 
  • Develop low to high-level offerings that are super-sellable and will help you to scale your impact with ease.
  • Master the art of selling with soul – so you can double, triple, even quadruple the money you are receiving with far greater ease than ever before.
  • Cultivate a healthy, abundant relationship with money – finally receiving and enjoying money in overflow.
  • Embrace the magic of manifesting in your business, quantum leaping your results and becoming a business alchemist!


  • Build a thriving business that continuously supports you, your family and the things you feel passionate about.
  • Enrol clients who adore you and everything you do (and who tell their friends how wonderful you are).
  • Increase your profits allowing you to create the life you long for.
  • LOVE the business (& profits) you are creating in your own super aligned way, without following a million and one ‘rules’ that don’t serve you.

When we Alchemise your Business,


  • Get you unstuck
  • Stop waiting until you feel ready
  • Reframe failure for faster action
  • Show up in flow
  • Kick confusion to the curb
  • End procrastination for good
  • Create with ease
  • Receive in abundance!


Absolutely – everything that happens inside of the wealth alchemy lounge you get access to in the membership training area. This means that you can access ALL trainings while part of the lounge.

If you choose the pay monthly option you can cancel your membership at any time, so if you feel like the business alchemy lounge isn’t for you, there is no ongoing commitment – however once you’re IN, I think you’re going to LOVE it!

Absolutely not – the training is there to support you and while it is super powerful, the biggest shifts you will experience will be in our weekly group calls. Each week we will look at what you can do immediately to start getting the results you desire – I am all about building momentum fast!
You also get lifetime access to all of these trainings so can go back and watch anything you miss in the future as it feels relevant.
Great question – this program is different to others as we don’t follow a cookie cutter approach. Instead we shift you from the inside out and create strategies that are really aligned to YOU and your strengths. 
We create specific ways of growing your business that feel great for you.

I am super passionate about helping you create your own core message that will connect deeply with your soul clients, this is one of my own gifts so we will get you crystal clear in no-time!

I have worked with hundreds of women in helping them to take their business to a whole new level, so whether your just getting started or you’re ready to receive those consistent 10k plus months this program will give you everything you need.

Firstly, you won’t need a website for what we will be doing, and secondly I am going to introduce you to very simple tech systems that you will love when you see the ease they add to your business. I was a technophobe myself when I started out with this, so I get it and am here to help you embrace simple, effective tech that will help your business to soar!

grab your free gift

lasting impact, limitless income audio & workbook

In this powerful audio and workbook, I’ll be guiding you through the process of building a 6 figure business with soul and abundance…attracting the clients, building communities and scaling with alignment…even if you’re just starting out!

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