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The Business Alchemy Lounge is where soul meets strategy + passion meets PROFITS.

It’s the place where we activate the magic in your business. The dream clients…the dream impact…the dream income. It’s time to step up & claim the business and life you truly desire!

A community of conscious creators, ready to build their dream business, make a bigger impact and receive more richly for the work they do…are you ready to join us?

Start Your Journey


This is a powerful space for you stay deeply tuned in to your VISION. For you to feel inspired, excited and on track…to keep your own energetic cup filled up, so you can show up and make the big impact you dream of in this world!  


Intensive Training + Q&A

Every month, you’ll experience a LIVE deep-dive Masterclass with me. The soul & the strategy; the energy & the alignment…AND a live Q&A session, to keep you on track. All the training and support you need, to take your business to the next level!


Energy Attunement + Shamanic Experiences

Shamanic journeys, energetic rune readings & diving into the mysteries of the universe…this is working beyond the physical, embracing the quantum and walking with one foot in the world of the magical, as we build our businesses together!


Soul Sister Training & Guest Experts

Your opportunity to deliver a live training on YOUR area of expertise, to your Soul Sisters inside the Membership…and for you to learn from hand-picked Guest Experts, sharing their expertise with you!



Where you’ll find YOUR people! Building your dream business can feel like a really lonely place to be…but it doesn’t need to feel that way.  We are here to support you, lift you up & cheer you on – so you’ll NEVER feel alone, surrounded by other incredible women on this journey together!


Here’s what’s waiting for you inside!

When you join The Business Alchemy Lounge right now, you’ll get instant access to an abundance of online trainings inside 11 x powerful vaults (with a new vault every month):

  • Meditation Vault
  • Challenge Vault
  • Magnetic Client Attraction Vault
  • Branding You For Standout Success Vault
  • Sales Queen Unleashed Vault
  • Journaling Unlocked Vault
  • Online Challenges For Sell-Out Success Vault
  • Success Frequencies + The Divine Feminine
  • Abundance Activated
  • The £5k Challenge
  • Goal-Setting, Alignment + Manifesting…

…AND you’ll get instant access to some of my most powerful, transformative programs (worth £1,491 alone!)

Money and Abundance
Get ready to recode your relationship with money, change your money stories & break the paradigm of ‘work harder to receive more’. This is about stepping out of scarcity and into abundance…so you can receive MORE with ease!

The Clarity + Confidence Cure
Your vision; your values; what you truly want to work towards in your business…this program is here to support you in following YOUR vision & dreams, rather than what society says ‘success’ looks like. And living your values every single day, to build a business that’s super aligned to YOU!

Visible AF
It’s time to finally drop the cloak of invisibility & give yourself permission to be seen. You’re never going to build the business of your dreams, if the world doesn’t know you exist. This program will deeply support you to drop the fear of judgement & learn how to show up consistently being ALL of yourself in your business!

Payment Plans


£55 p/m

  • No tie in
  • Rolling monthly membership
  • Instant Vault + Program Access
  • Monthly Training + Q&A
  • Incredible Community Support


Annual £595

  • BONUS Laser Coaching 1:1 Session with me
  • SAVE £65
  • Full 12 months access
  • Instant Vault + Program Access
  • Monthly Training + Q&A
  • Incredible Community Support


If you’re READY to unleash the potential and purpose that lives within you and start living it in a bigger way…

If you’re READY to allow yourself to be supported & guided, as you commit to growing your business in a fully aligned way…

It is time to bring YOUR business vision & dreams to life.

Join The Business Alchemy Lounge Today!

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