Overcome Your Fear Of Getting Visible – In 5 Powerful Steps

Do you have a fear of getting visible in your business?

Do you know you need to get visible so your SOUL clients can find you…

But you find yourself saying:

It scares me.  I overthink itI hold myself back.

Don’t worry. I hear my clients saying this a lot.

So today we’re diving into all things visibility and the MINDSET behind it.

Because Visibility Is KEY In Helping You To: 

  • Grow your business
  • Make the impact you desire
  • And make sure your clients can find you to get YOUR support

Everything Begins With Getting Visible

Once you start putting yourself out there, DARING to press the live button or create the social media post and CONNECTING with your soul clients…

That’s where it all begins.

Quite often we get it the wrong way round.

We think that we need to get super clear and have all our ducks in a row before we get visible.


It happens the other way around.

We have to be brave. Take that leap. Start being visible.

And as we’re putting ourselves out there, that’s when we get better at sharing our message and figuring out what we want to say.

It’s by taking action that we get more CLARITY and more CONFIDENCE.

Do You Think It’s Easy For Me?

Let me share this with you about the new platform Clubhouse.

I’ve been hopping on recently…but right now, it feels SO uncomfortable.

Because it’s new to me! It’s outside of my comfort zone.

So yes, I can absolutely relate to you if getting visible on Facebook feels scary to you at the moment.

But I promise you, the only way to get past that discomfort is to show up and do it. In a way that’s aligned for YOU.

It’s about finding your authentic way to show up, share your voice and be visible.

(Rather than feeling you need to squeeze yourself into a box or do it in the way someone else says you should!)

Think About This

On a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable are you with getting visible?

Are you comfortable and confident about pressing live?

Or do you hold yourself back and worry about what to say?

Wherever you are, I’ve broken this down for you.

Ask yourself these questions.

Because Getting Visible Is A Mindset Game

We can tell ourselves it’s because we don’t know the how, or the what, or the best way…

But it’s all about mindset.

Because when you start feeling more confident, when you decide to be brave and take the leap, you figure out the how as you go.

So here are those questions for you…

1. What Is It I’m Actually Afraid Of?

Quite often, we don’t stop and ask this question!

We might say we’re scared of taking the leap, but when we ask ourselves exactly what we’re afraid of, it will SHINE MORE LIGHT on things.

Because once you know what you’re afraid of, you can do something about it!

  • Do you worry about not being good enough?
  • Do you compare yourself to others?
  • Do you think you’re not an expert like them?
  • Do you worry what others might think?
  • Do you panic that you’ll forget your words or say something daft?
  • Do you worry other people will say who does she think she is?

Just notice what you’re scared of.

And then start to delve in and get more specific.

For example, in what way are you scared that others will judge you?

Because the more information you have on what’s going on in your head, the more tools you’ll have to break through the fear and do something about it.

Make A List Of Your Fears

Write them down. Journal on them.

You could use this as a journaling prompt:

I’m super aware that when I want to get more visible within my business, the feelings that come up for me are…

The worries that come up for me are…

The fears that come up for me are… 

Then use this as a gateway to explore what’s really going on.

2. What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

We often blow these ideas up in our minds and they become much bigger than they really are!

So when you ask yourself what’s the worst that could actually happen, you give yourself more confidence to move forward.

The worst thing could be that you make a total fool of yourself.

Or you could go blank and find you’ve got nothing to say.

But Let Me Share This With You

There were times early on when I pressed the Go Live button and got so tongue-tied that I pressed Stop and deleted it!

But if that’s the worst thing that could happen, how bad is that really?

On a scale of 1 to 10, when you think about your life and business and what you want to achieve, how big would that really be?

Chances are, you’re just blowing it up in your mind’s eye!

3. What Could This Fear Be Costing Me?

When we start to look at what it’s costing us by not going live and not getting visible…

It’s actually a lot.

If you’re not showing up, your soul clients won’t know you exist!

And the ones who have already connected with you will forget you.

If you’re not showing up, you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to build your confidence and get past that uncomfortable icky zone.

  • It could literally be costing you your DREAM BUSINESS!
  • It could be costing you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS
  • It could be costing you TRULY LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT

So when you start looking at what lack of visibility and the fear holding you back is costing you, you can see you need to take action.

Have You Heard Of The Book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway?

At some point in our business, it’s what we have to do.

We have to feal the fear and do it anyway, because we realise what fear is costing us is way too great a price.

And so yes we can do the mindset work, we can build the clarity and we can put things in place to make it easier for us.

But at the end of the day, we just have to press play and take that leap.

So Write Some Answers Down

Ask yourself:

What is my fear of being more visible costing me in my business?

  • In terms of connecting with my clients?
  • In terms of selling my products or services?
  • In terms of how I view myself?

If you’re constantly saying to yourself:

I should be more visible. I should be showing up…

You’re damaging your self-esteem. You’re affirming this negative cycle by telling yourself that you’re not confident enough.

Instead, you want to feed the part of you who believes in herself, has that dream and says I CAN ABSOLUTELY DO THIS.

And that means taking action before we’re ready.

4. What Could I Gain By Just Doing It?

What could you gain by feeling the fear and doing it anyway?

Again, make a list for yourself.

What are all the things that you could gain by just going live, being visible, sharing your message?

The truth is, you have EVERYTHING to gain.

Because you will: 

  • Get more followers
  • Grow your tribe
  • Get your message out there
  • Your soul clients will start to see you
  • People will be inspired by you
  • People will start to buy from you
  • Your business will grow
  • Your confidence will blossom
  • You’ll start making the income you desire
  • You’ll be able to pay for the support you need in your business so you’re not doing it alone
  • You’ll then have a better work life balance and do more of the things you want in your life…

So literally, by taking that leap and doing it anyway, you have everything to gain.

And so when you start looking at what it’s costing you not to do it, you’ll soon realise you’re not willing to allow your mindset gremlins to hold you back!

There Is So Much Available For You If You Start Taking That Leap Before You’re Ready

So make your list.

Some of them might be external things around seeing growth in your business, having more clients, selling more…

And some will be the internal gains, like how you’ll feel about yourself, how you’ll believe in yourself in a much bigger way, how you’ll start to feel successful…

Because you’ll be able to say:

I am the woman who is doing this. I am the woman who is showing up and sharing my message.

Every day I’m stepping into my brave and taking action, no matter what.

Looking at your list will give you MASSIVE MOMENTUM when it comes to being more visible.

5. What Can You Put In Place To Make This Easier For Yourself?

This could be around scheduling in WHEN you’ll get visible.

It could be getting clear on HOW you’ll get more visible.

It could be creating a PLAN.


It could be about using AFFIRMATIONS.

Or doing something to get yourself in the RIGHT VIBE before you press that live button. Maybe you have a song that makes you feal unstoppable?

Or maybe LITTLE THINGS like getting a ring light. Or finding some time in the day when the house is empty, so you feel ready.

What can you do to create that?

So Ask Yourself

What are the things I need to put in place to make building my visibility easier?

And then put them in place.

Recognise what your needs are and ask people to support you. If you need space, why not just ask.

As humans, we create all sorts of reasons that can stop us from building the life and business we want.

But to build a business, we need to be visible.

And lives are a great way to do that, because you create real connection. But we need to stay consistent.

The Secret Is…

Finding a way that works for you!

It’s recognising that yes, it might be uncomfortable at first.

There will be days when it feels icky, messy, like you’re falling over your words…

And then realising that’s OK. You’re just going to DO IT ANYWAY.

Because that’s how you will make your business grow.

Are Your Stories Holding You Back?

Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves keep us stuck.

I used to have huge resistance to being visible in my business. I used to tell myself I just wanted to be a coach and didn’t want to do all this marketing rubbish!

But by telling myself that story, I was giving myself permission to hold myself back.

I was giving myself permission to hide.

And then I wondered why my business wasn’t growing!

Actually, I just needed to take some responsibility. I had to make a decision.

Either I was going to get over myself and get past these stories. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Or I was going to have to give up the dream. And watch others get there instead.

The Biggest Thing I Learned…

Was we get to DECIDE how we see getting visible.

We can either decide that being visible is hard, we don’t know what to say, we’re an introvert…

Or we can notice that those are just the stories we tell ourselves. And decide to show up for the people who need us.

So if you’re truly invested in your business, then it’s time to TAKE THAT LEAP.

Every single time you do, you’ll build your self-belief that little bit more. Your connection with your clients will grow.

And before you know it, you WILL see those results.

You’ve got this.

What Next?

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Much Love




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