Permission to DESIRE a 6 Figure Business!

There’s just so much noise online about having a “6 figure business”, isn’t there?!

I feel like it’s something we see on social media all of the time (I certainly see it a lot, anyway!) – people going on & on about “hitting 6 figures”.

I know it can feel really frustrating & annoying (it used to annoy the heck out of me!!)

Especially if it just feels a million miles away from where you are in your business right now.

To be completely honest, I’ve been avoiding talking about it for that reason & I was feeling really torn about whether to write this blog for you today!

But equally, I think there’s a very good reason WHY so many people talk about “6 figures” – because that’s the point where you start to gain real momentum in your business. And it all starts to feel very different.


To be clear, I’m talking about making 6 figures a year in revenue in your business here, rather than taking 6 figures home (which is then the next level again).

But it’s the point where you begin making enough money through your business that you can comfortably pay all your bills & live a reasonable lifestyle.

You can get the support you desire in your business, like a VA to help with your social media or a tech person if you’re not techie or someone to do your accounts & tax returns for you. You can have a cleaner, to make things easier at home, you can more easily say YES to spa days and the things that also support you emotionally.

Which is all amazing!

More than that though – and this is where I think a lot of the talk around 6 figures comes from – is that once you start generating that level of income, you can also start to put money back into your business to invest in other things that build your momentum & growth.

Like working with a high-level coach or joining a Mastermind, to take you to your next level faster than you could ever go alone or investing in upgrading your website or branding or systems.

I genuinely feel like reaching 6 figures is a turning point (it certainly was for me). And I truly believe it’s a level of income that more women in business should be striving for, giving ourselves full permission to WANT & being ready to receive it into our lives.


Actually, that’s a great question for you to feel into…

How does the thought of making 6 figures make you FEEL?

Excited? Inspired? Fired up?

Like you know it’s not only possible for you, but available (and specifically available for you)? Like you can see & feel how amazing your life would be? Like you can’t wait to go & take your next step towards making that vision your

Or maybe, when you think about making 6 figures, the mind monkeys start kicking in…

Telling you it would be greedy. Who needs that much money anyway? That you’re not good enough; you’ll never get there; you just can’t see how making 6 figures could ever really be true for you. And who are you to make that money

If that’s what comes up for you, I promise, you’re not alone (not by a long shot!).

But here’s what I want you to know:

When I gave myself permission to WANT a 6 figure business – and then create a 6 figure business – it was a huge, huge turning point, in every single way.


Giving myself that permission & making that choice changed the way I felt about myself; the way I saw myself as a business owner; how I showed up every day & the action I took.

It massively changed the impact I was able to start having for my clients & my community; the things & experiences I was able to provide for my kids & my family.

It all starts with a decision.

And another powerful question here:

Can you afford to have a business that’s NOT 6 figures?


In terms of who you are, at your very core – the impact you want to have; the clients & people you want to help; the causes you want to give back to. How would it feel to look back & know your business & your purpose work never
reached the level you know it could have done?

But also financially!

In terms of your desires for your life & your lifestyle; where you want to live; the experiences & holidays you want for your family; the car you want to drive; the wardrobe it would feel amazing to wear; saving for your future & your family’s future (like being able to regularly pay into a savings account for your kids, which was a HUGE thing for me!).

If you think of ALL the things you’d love to do & have…

All the desires you can see inside of yourself (which were given to you for a reason, by the way!)…

After paying all your taxes & expenses – if you’re NOT making 6 figures – are you earning enough to be comfortable? To afford the things that really matter to you? To live the lifestyle you actually DESIRE?


I know for me & my 1:1 coaching clients, the answer is no.

If we’re not at least bringing in 6 figures, we’re just not able to live life as we truly desire it, in a fully expansive way!!

Does that mean we’re being greedy? Selfish? Dreaming too big? Being too big for our boots?

Of course not! It simply means stepping into true alignment, finally giving yourself permission to want what you want & then taking the aligned action to make it your reality.

I want to leave you with some journal prompts today, which are such a great way to explore this for yourself:

● How does the thought of making 6 figures make me FEEL?
● What are the thoughts, feelings, emotions & beliefs that come up for me?
● What would I LOVE to choose to feel, believe & give myself permission to have instead?
● I choose to fully give myself permission to WANT a 6 figure business & to create a 6 figure business. And the aligned next step I now take today is…

And if you know you’ve got money mindset stuff holding you back…

Here’s where you can get my FREE ‘Rich Woman Meditation’ too – to upgrade your mindset, smash through the blocks & shift you into massive abundance & flow!

Above all else…

Nobody else is going to give you permission.

Nobody else is going to give you permission to want 6 figures; to go out there & create your 6 figure business & to bring all your desires for yourself & your family to life.

Only YOU get to do that.

You get to choose. Right now, today, in this very moment.

So why not give yourself permission? Why not choose more?

I can’t wait to see all the success & abundance coming your way!

Claire x

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