Scaling to 6 Figures… With SOUL!

If you’ve been in my world for literally more than 2 seconds (and if you haven’t – welcome gorgeous!), you’ll know how passionate I am about energetics.

I believe it’s impossible to build your empire & grow a business you adore, that lights you up every single day & creates huge impact in this world, without real energetic alignment…

Without deeply EMBODYING your message and your soul’s work and giving yourself full permission to be 100% ALL of you! 

But today, I want to talk about the other side of success & scaling your business to those £10k months and beyond, with pure soul…


Or more specifically today, your strategy around building your audience.

If you have one?

I know the word strategy can feel pretty ugh, for so many soul-led women. We just want to do the damn work that we were put on this planet to do… and not have to think about all the other stuff that goes into growing a business, that makes you feel like you’re being pulled out of the magic and flow!

What I really mean by ‘strategy’ is simply a PLAN that works – and that feels perfectly aligned for you, playing to your strengths – to get your message & your amazing work in front of more dream clients who NEED you.

And how we can fully step into this, from a place of both mindset and aligned action, to start gearing everything up in your business & take your impact and your income to the next level. 

I honestly think that audience building – aka attracting & connecting with new soulmate clients –   truly can feel like part of the magic & flow, when you find the right aligned strategy for you.

Actually, if the phrase ‘strategy for audience building’ just feels off for you or really doesn’t resonate, it can be a much more aligned way to think of it:

A super aligned plan, to attract & connect with new soulmate clients.

It’s all about playing to your strengths…

And it’s NOT about posting on social media. 

It’s about having a powerful plan to build your audience month by month, so you can hit your 6-figure goals & create the life & business of your dreams! 

Posting on social media just isn’t going to cut it, if you’re serious about growing your impact, your abundance & your legacy. 

But equally, as we all know (I certainly do!), Facebook Ads are getting more complicated & more expensive every day. Trying to get them to a) work and b) keep working can be a complete headache and literally leave you wanting to throw your laptop out the window in tears of frustration.  

Actually, what we need to do is find some powerful, organic marketing strategies that suit you; suit your strengths AND bring in an abundance of dream clients. So that you are consistently building your audience month on month, growing your income and seeing the 6-figure+ empire you truly desire come to life!

So many people think organic marketing = posting on social media, but as I said before, it’s SO much more than that.

If you’re posting regularly on Facebook or Instagram or in your group, but your audience isn’t growing, you’re just talking to the same people all the time. 

Of course we want to keep them ‘warm’ – and the fact you’re showing up consistently is amazing! – but it’s not going to get you to where you KNOW you’re meant to be.

It also doesn’t help that so many online coaches ‘teach’ organic marketing as sending a ton of unsolicited DMs or endlessly posting in other people’s groups, which just feels way out of alignment & totally icky for so many of us (disclaimer: I have never, ever done that, in building my multi-6 figure business, and I never, ever will). 

When the truth is there are soooo many organic strategies you can try out & feel into… to see what would actually feel amazing for YOU, to attract & connect with your soulmate clients!

Like one of my absolute favourites, which I call The Client Magnet Swap (which added 102 soulmate people to one of my client’s email lists the other week & cost her absolutely nothing!).

Or The Expertise Swap – which I love because as well as building your audience, it also massively builds your authority & influence. 

Or if you love to write, the strategy that got another client’s work in front of thousands of new eyeballs… simply by doing what she loves most! 

There’s honestly any number of other strategies I could go into here & talk about all day long.

I’m so passionate about this because when YOU find a soul-aligned strategy to build your audience, that YOU feel excited about – guess what? The old resistance to taking action melts away. Attracting & connecting with new soulmate clients becomes part of your deepest flow state; something you love to do. Your message becomes even more powerful, because that energy is MAGNETIC. And when your audience grows consistently, so do your sales & your impact!

If any of this is speaking to you today – if you’re like “ok Claire, I get it, just show me how!” – it would be my absolute honour to help guide you on your journey. 

This is exactly the kind of thing we do together inside my Business Alchemy Lounge (among a thousand other amazing things), where we activate the magic in your business!

We work beyond the physical, embracing the quantum & walking with one foot in the world of the magical…

With the other foot in ALL the strategies, plans & aligned action-taking you could ever need or want, to bring your business vision & dreams to life! 

It’s all waiting for you right here, gorgeous one. 

I cannot wait to bear witness to how this all unfolds for you!

Much love,

Claire x

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