The 3 powerful questions that will transform your business growth!

I use these questions in my journal. Journaling really helps me to get focused and sort out my mind monkeys and get the results that I want. Journaling helps me to get more clarity, shift negative energy and stay super focused on the next level version of me and my business that I’m stepping into.

Whether you journal or not, I am going to share 3 powerful questions to help you grow your business. The way that I would use these questions is that I would make some time to sit down quietly, get out my journal and do some journaling of how I will show up that day.

These are the 3 questions I ask myself on a daily basis:


This is a really powerful question. If we lose sight of our why, we can get really demotivated, we can get all consumed in the push and the hustle and hard work. If we forget our why, when the going gets tough, you disappear!

This is because you’ve forgotten about the big picture of why you are here. So when we are building a business, think about how if you get caught up in all the detail, it is easy to get disillusioned and our mind monkeys kick off and tell us all the reasons why this won’t work, it’s not worth putting in the time, we can’t manage it and will never get anything out of it.

This leads to us feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Your why is specific to you. There is no right or wrong. But you need to know what you want to achieve and why you are doing it.

When we feel like we have a purpose in life is key. If we don’t have a purpose, life can feel like a hamster wheel. We can feel like we are missing something.

This question taps into your purpose and about the life you are creating. Being clear on our values really helps us to work in alignment with them, which creates happiness and joy.


By this, I don’t mean doing everything or doing more. We want to create more freedom in our business, and make business easier, where we feel more lit up and have a beautiful dance between life and business.

I mean being fully you in your business and giving yourself permission to be 100% you rather than fitting in a box or people please.

When it comes to growing our business, showing up on social media, building connections, creating content, selling, we stand out more when we give ourselves permission to be 100% us.

We have to look at where we are “people pleasing”. Where we are trying to be enough. Where we are doubting ourselves.

The truth is, the way to build really successful businesses is to give yourself permission to be 100% you and to show the world who you are, unapologetically!


In our business, we can so often get consumed with a to-do list in our business.

However, there are also more powerful ways to look at the action we are taking in our business, and that is to jump ahead, to quantum leap, into the future. To a point where it feels like it’s a win, it’s a goal, it’s a success moment.

What are the steps that you took to get to that goal, what allowed you to achieve it? Then you work backwards and look at the steps and key things you did to achieve it.

This is where you tap into the most important actions which will get you the results and goals you desire in your business.

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