The Energy of Selling…Finding YOUR Aligned Sales Rhythm!

So today, I really want to talk about selling. And about you finding YOUR most soul-aligned way of selling…the way that just feels like total flow for you, to show up & shine your light brightly & be deeply of service to those soul clients you KNOW you’re meant to help! 

My own journey with selling has been just that, a journey (as it is for all of us).

From feeling so icky about selling when I first started my business – so much so I avoided doing it at all – to building a business that’s well on the way to doing 7 figures this year & selling unapologetically has just become part of who I am! 

Maybe right now, you’re holding yourself back & not really selling at all (or not selling consistently).

Maybe you are getting yourself out there but selling feels SO hard & you really have to force yourself to do it.

Maybe you’re going all in on selling right now & you’re super consistent – but you know there’s a next level of sales that you haven’t fully stepped into yet. 

In all honesty, there’s a million ways to sell. But what matters is you finding the strategies that feel most aligned for YOU & then committing to them, until the habit is formed. And selling unapologetically & consistently just becomes part of who you are! 

If we’re trying to get out there & sell in a way that feels out of alignment with who we are & what’s right for you in your heart & soul, it’s no wonder it feels hard. It’s no wonder we hold ourselves back.

And it’s no wonder your business doesn’t grow, in the way you truly desire!

It’s like have you ever been to a business event or listened to ‘expert’ training, where someone’s telling you to do it their way to be successful? And every ounce of your soul is screaming “but I just don’t want to!

I’ve absolutely been there (and I can tell you, when you go against your soul & try to walk someone else’s path, it never ends well!). 

This is about you finding YOUR aligned sales rhythm – and fully trusting & leaning into it – rather than following or copying what others do, that looks successful from the outside. 

Your magic & purpose & passion are unique to you. 

The light you shine is unique to you. 

So it makes sense that the most aligned way for you to sell & the energy you bring to it will be unique to you, too!

Such a HUGE part of growing the business of your dreams, is simply getting into the habit of selling. Which is, of course, also about deciding which way of selling feels most aligned for you.

Let’s start with one option that might feel perfect for you:

Selling Every Day 

Do you want to commit to selling every day? 

If so, what does your daily selling plan look like?

For example, you might decide you’re going to show up in 2 or 3 (or more) different ways every single day, like:

  • Sharing social media posts
  • Releasing a blog post
  • Creating video content
  • Going live
  • Emailing your list
  • Speaking on a podcast or stage
  • Doing a Guest Expert talk
  • Running a local flyer or leaflet campaign
  • Sending sales letters in the post
  • Reaching out to potential soul clients personally 
  • Offering something new to people who’ve worked with you in the past
  • Running a free online Masterclass or Workshop
  • (The list is literally endless, online & offline)…

Each with a sales ‘call to action’ at the end!

I think for so many of us who are soul-led messengers & creators, we have something to say. A lot to say, actually! So this way of selling can feel super aligned. Simply showing up, speaking your truth & sharing your message with the world…and then inviting people to work with you, giving them a crystal clear next step to take.

Imagine if you did this consistently – showing up & selling 2-3 times a day (or more), every day – how different would your business be, 3 months from now? 6 months? 12 months down the line? 

Especially if as your business & resources grow, you then choose to layer in things like funnels and Facebook ads, sending more people to the incredible content you’ve created – like your lives, videos, blogs or podcast – to start adding in additional automated income as well! 

BUT while this way of selling might feel so aligned & flow-based for some of us, showing up daily might feel totally exhausting & overwhelming for others of us.

The truth is that if this rhythm of selling isn’t aligned for you, it’s always going to drain your energy & leave you feeling like you’re trying to push a heavy barrow of water uphill.

In which case…

A Launch Formula 

Maybe a launch formula is more aligned for you, that allows you to embrace an amazing sense of flow in your business – where we lean in; we sell; and then we step back!

It’s like a beautiful wave of energy where you get to step in & sell fully during your launch, really focusing on growing your audience & building that connection. 

And then once your launch ends, you get to step back & focus on nurturing all the amazing soul clients you’ve attracted, until the time feels right to step back into launching again!

How often you launch depends on whatever rhythm feels most aligned for you. Whether that’s launching every month, every six weeks, multiple times a year or even just once or twice a year.

And of course, it might be that a blend of the two feels amazing for you! Launching as often as feels good, with daily selling in between. 

In a way, when we’re talking about the energy & rhythm of selling, it’s very like the masculine vs the feminine.

The masculine is almost like daily sales activity, with male energy more on that daily cycle. 

Compared to the more feminine rhythm of launching & the cycle of selling monthly or multiple times a year (although usually beautifully combining the two & bringing that more masculine daily selling energy to those days when your cart is open during your launch & you’re going all in!).

There is no right or wrong here. Both are incredible ways to grow your business. It’s simply about finding the right rhythm & energy for YOU….listening to your intuition, taking action on where you’re being guided & trying it all out, until you know what feels most aligned.

For me personally, I love a fast launch rhythm. I usually launch every 6 weeks or so but often more than that, if inspiration strikes & I’m just so excited & passionate about something I’m bringing to life!  

Whereas for some of my most brilliant clients & friends in business, that sounds utterly exhausting. Having a big launch just once or twice a year feels aligned for them (whereas for me, that just sounds like a lot of pressure & stress, with so much riding on one or two launches). 

And for other clients & business friends, they never launch. And have grown thriving, super successful business through daily selling.

I’m going to leave you with a quick journal prompt today. It’s especially useful if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about all the options, to help bring you back into alignment & tap into what’s really true for you: 

“What do I know, at my very core, to be true about how I want to sell?”

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I’d absolutely love for you to pop a quick post over the group too, let me know what’s come up for you today & how you’re going to align & step into YOUR perfect sales rhythm!

Claire x

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