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You can feel in your bones you’re here to make an IMPACT through sharing your wisdom, speaking your truth and uplifting and inspiring others.

You Have An Innate Gift For Supporting and Seeing Others.

You feel called to go “all in” finally leaving the 9-5 job behind to embark on a new, fulfilling career to entrepreneurial path as a coach.

The impactful coach is the place where we turn dreams into reality. It’s the place where we ‘own’ our personal power, and take the leap into our desires.

It’s the place where we take our wisdom, experience and gifts and utilise them to hold space for aligned change and incredible breakthroughs.

This is where we finally bridge the gap between the creative, the spiritual, the heart led...

...and receiving richly for your gifts!

The impactful coach was born from the need to see a different way of coaching in the world.

A way that wasn’t dictated to by old rules, a way that wasn’t just about asking questions, and following a formula, but instead a place where you bring all of your magic to the table, a place where you embrace intuition and the wisdom you hold.

Welcome to a new paradigm of coaching!

A space where intuition is embrace.

A place where you bring your gifts, knowledge and experience to the table.

A space where we embody what it truly means to be a coach.

Deep down you know you were born to coach...

Your whole life people have shared and naturally opened up to you, you’ve always been the go-to person when friends are looking for support, you’re able to see the wood through the trees and explore different perspectives.

The truth’re already coaching those around you, you’re just not (yet) getting paid for it!!

The world is quickly changing

...and so is the coaching space.

In a world where we are bombarded by information, people desire deep knowing.

In a world that has been all about ‘doing’ people crave to ‘be.’

In a world where people are searching for the truth, they truly desire intuition and trust.

As impactful coaches, we are embarking on a journey of growth, consciousness and evolution. We inspire and support others by learning to walk and speak our truth.

So...if you KNOW deep down in your soul, you are here for bigger things.

If you feel the call and have the natural ability to coach and support others,

If you’re ready to build a life on your terms... while supporting others to do the same.

The impactful coach is awaiting you!

Here’s how you can dive in now

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Here about the journey of becoming an impactful coach from others...

“I can’t praise this course enough. I jumped into the Impactful Coach with Claire last year as a brand new wannabe Coach. It was hands on, we gained all the teaching, mentoring, knowledge and skills we needed to really BE Impactful Coaches!! Claire’s experience and passion for coaching shines through in this container and I’m so glad I was able to part of it.”

Debbie Reed

“Claire’s Impactful Coach had the ‘magic’ I was looking for (that previous courses I had done lacked!) She has a practical and inspiring approach and provided me with the tools and skills I needed, leaving me feeling confident and prepared to coach clients deeply and effectively. It’s a transformative experience that equips you with the confidence and competence to succeed in your coaching career.”

Daisy Davis

“I joined the Impactful Coach as a brand new ‘wanna-be’ coach and honestly, it was one of the best things I ever did! I had no experience of coaching but what I learnt from Claire was SO much more than I ever expected! It is far more than ‘how to be a coach’. I now have my own coaching business with both 1-1 clients and a coaching membership! In less than 3 years I have gone from a total beginner to making an ACTUAL income from coaching!!

The people I met along the way have been, and continue to be, an incredible support system I wouldn’t be without.”

Kayla Middleton

“This programme is unlike any other coaching programme I have seen or done. It doesn’t just give you the tools to support your clients but helps you to embody who you are as a coach.

The value and support that was given was amazing and beyond expectations, it helped me to build my confidence, practice, strategy and more importantly step into the energy of the coach I wanted to become. I would recommend this to anyone who is ready to not just ‘be’ a coach but to create impact as a coach.”

Joanne Cook

“Claire’s passion and energy motivates and inspires you to keep going, to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to believe in yourself. The Impactful Coach is packed full of coaching tools, business skills and mindset support. Claire brings it all to life, with her expertise and her amazing energy. Thank you Claire xxx”

Catherine Langford

“The Impactful Coach has given me an amazing foundation to start my coaching business and make a big and lasting impact on other women’s lives, the way Claire has done for me and so many of us!”

Karla Allen

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