The Magic of Impactful Coaching!

I believe that the world of coaching is changing.

Maybe right now, you’re feeling that shift too – whether you’re sensing it the coaching space more broadly or inside yourself, feeling that beautiful calling to go deeper and have a greater impact through your work & more powerfully transform the lives of the amazing people you get to serve.

Let me explain exactly what I mean!

I truly think that the days where coaching was just about knowing the ‘right’ powerful questions to ask; setting goals and then holding your clients accountable are gone.

I’m not saying that style of coaching is ‘wrong’ or that it can’t get results for people. It absolutely can and does. But coaching can be so much more than just a framework or a bag of tools. And in all truth, for so many soul-led women who are already coaching in one way or another, that way of working has never felt quite ‘enough’.

A big part of this shift, I feel, is that coaching is maturing as an industry. It’s incredible that more & more people are waking up to both the power of coaching, and the true joy & fulfilment of becoming a coach (recent statistics estimate the health coaching niche alone will be worth $8.87 billion by 2025 – which quite honestly, blows my mind!).

And as any industry grows and shifts, so too does the level at which we get to show up & be of service through our work.

The truth is that coaching now has the power to create SO much more impact.

As women who know we were born for more, who hear that whisper in your soul – that you are here to have a beautiful impact in the world AND build the business of your dreams – we get to be truly impactful coaches. To create a much bigger transformation and to really go so much deeper with the work that you do.

And let me tell you, when you embrace impactful coaching, it’s a total game-changer!

So…what do I mean by ‘impactful coaching’? What does it mean for your business and your clients? And what does it mean for YOU, in terms of creating the life you truly desire & helping others to do the same?

Like I said earlier, impactful coaching is so much more than following a framework; asking questions; setting goals & holding people accountable to take action.

The secret to impactful coaching is embodiment. Once you learn how to embody who you truly are – how you see your value & choose your place in the world – coaching becomes effortless!

Impactful coaching is where we truly walk our talk as coaches.

It’s when we really embody EVERYTHING that we stand for.

It’s when we think about not just what we’re doing…but who we are being.

It’s when we think not just about the action, but also about the energy in the work that we do.

It’s when we hold a powerful space of limitless possibility, for the incredible people that we work with.

Ultimately – impactful coaching is realising that being a powerful coach isn’t about your qualifications; the frameworks you follow; knowing the ‘right’ questions to ask; the courses you’ve done or even feeling ‘confident’ and ‘ready’. What matters is how you EMBODY the work yourself…THIS is what makes an impactful coach & makes you truly magnetic to your soulmate clients!

It’s about unlocking the true embodiment of your work; uncovering your greatest gifts; deeply connecting you with your purpose and bringing ALL of this into the coaching that you do.

Compare that to following a framework & a having bag of coaching tools…can you feel the beautiful energy of how powerful this is? Because I can!

And truly, this isn’t just about transforming the lives of your clients. Because when you step into impactful coaching, it’s a transformational journey YOU get to go on too (and it’s so much more than simply a career or business!).

You get to unlock & live your deepest potential & build an extraordinary coaching business, based on the fullest expression of your authentic self.

You get to unleash the freedom to be exactly who & where you are in life, without constantly worrying whether you’re ‘good enough’ to coach (no matter what level you’re at).

You get to embody your transformation & show people your journey in a way that converts effortlessly into coaching, sales, impact & influence, at every point of your journey.

You get to be fully in YOUR zone of genius – embracing your unique strengths & gifts, where you can create epic client breakthroughs. You get to embody your own unique coaching style & truly see your value as a powerful coach, with absolute faith & soul certainty.

And you get to experience the beautiful journey of becoming more fully you…stepping into your true purpose & all that you are, so you can guide your clients to do the same!

This is why I believe with all my heart that impactful coaching really is game-changing.

When it comes to being a coach, you WANT to be someone who steps confidently into her power. Someone who truly embodies her work & her identity as coach; who fully lives the freedom, love, connection & values she holds most dearly; someone who receives richly for the work she does…

…because why would you & I want it to be any other way?

If my writing today is speaking to you & you feel called to explore this more deeply – I’d love to invite you to join my next (free!) powerful ‘The Impactful Coach Experience’.

Like I say, it is completely free & over 5 days together, I’ll show you how to activate your unique coaching skills, unlock your intuition, build the confidence to coach others powerfully, share the ‘PPVV’ method for impactful coaching & help you to create the blueprint for your own thriving coaching business.

Immerse yourself in all the goodness & join my next free 5-day Impactful Coach Experience here!

It truly is a transformative experience & it gives me so much joy to be able to share this powerful work with more & more incredible women like us.

I just see so many women struggling to claim themselves as coaches, longing for the confidence to become the powerful coach they KNOW is within them & craving more freedom, more purpose & more passion in the work that they do.

Impactful coaching is such a gift because it gives you all of that – building your wildly profitable business, transformative programs & brand around who you truly are.

Gorgeous one, you have the power within you right now to make it happen…but we all have to choose it & be it.

I can’t wait to guide you so much more deeply into all of this, inside our next Impactful Coach Experience!

Claire x

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