Your Goals? It’s Time to Dream BIGGER!

Your Goals? It’s Time to Dream BIGGER!

So I have a question for you…

What’s your goal for your business right now?

And more specifically – what’s your goal when it comes to money?


Today, I’m just feeling so called to talk about elevating those goals. And what that would actually mean for you in your business – in a very practical sense – if you started to dream bigger!


I have so many incredible women in my world, who when we talk about goals (like over in our Facebook community), say they’d love to make £1k or £2k a month.

Which is amazing. Right?

Only you know what’s right for you. Only you know what your true soul desires are.


But…what if we just started to elevate those goals a little? From £1k or £2k months, to £5k months? And beyond?


Before you click away, feeling like “but Claire! £5k months just feel totally unrealistic for me”…

I remember when the thought of £5k months felt completely unrealistic for me, too.

When you’re in the first few years of growing your business, working so hard & trying so hard to make things work.

But at the same time, I KNEW.

Even when I wobbled, I deeply felt that inner certainty.


I knew it was possible for me. And I knew I wanted those £5k months…like my soul was just saying YES!


Fast forward to now & I’m so grateful to have built my multi 6-figure soul-led business from scratch.

I’m not saying that to boast…but because when it comes to YOUR goals, I want to share something from my own journey (and that’s been so true for so many my lovely clients, too).


The truth is that business gets so, so much EASIER when you start making those £5k months. Not harder!


I truly think that level of income is game changing. The point at which things truly start to shift for you; when you start to gain real momentum.

Because when your business is bringing in £5k per month, it’s the point where you can really start investing & getting support.

Whether that’s someone to do your tech (wouldn’t that be nice!) or your book-keeping & tax returns that stress you out so much – you start to be able to get some real help, to take care of the things that drain your energy or keep you feeling stuck.


It’s so much easier than when you have no (or less) money coming in.


I think all of us ‘get’ this, on a logical, practical level!

It all sounds great (right?).

BUT still, maybe right now, there’s a little resistance creeping in for you, at thought making that level of money through your business.

Maybe you can feel it across your shoulders; in your stomach; the tightening of your jaw – that sense of restriction in your body, rather than expansiveness (our bodies so often show us what our minds are really thinking!).

So firstly, take a deep breathe. Drop your shoulders.

And now let’s dig a little deeper, to explore where that resistance is coming from for you.

If it feels good, grab your journal so you can start to work through everything that come up for you.


What do you think creating those £5k months is going to COST you?


What am I going to have to do?

How much harder I am going to have to work?

How difficult is it going to be?

How much more time will it take away from my family?

How much harder will I have to be hustling & selling all the time?

Because if you feel like cost of creating that level of income is greater than the value of the money you receive …

It’s a huge, almighty block.


Why would any of us create something, when the cost or sacrifice just feels too great?


Especially if right now, it feels hard enough to simply be making the money you are!

The thought of having to do even MORE – to work harder; hustle harder; try harder; push harder; sell harder; pour more & more time & energy into your business to make it ‘work’, when you’re feeling maxed out already…

It all just feels too much.

I totally, totally hear you.


But I’m here today, to tell you it does not have to be that way. At all!


You get to choose to grow your business YOUR way, on YOUR terms.

There is nothing you have to do.

You get to choose to follow soul. To only ever take the perfectly aligned action for YOU. To choose not to follow the rules & ways you see others doing business…

And instead, to create & follow your own path.


A path filled with so much ease & flow – that just feels so right for you, to grow your business – simply taking the next aligned action, one step at a time.


It’s the way I’ve built my business. It’s the way my clients build their businesses, too.

And yes, of course it’s about taking ACTION!


I’d love to invite you to join the She IMPACTS the World Community on Facebook! 




It’s time to dream bigger…

Everything you desire truly is yours for the taking & available for you, in each & every moment…

I’d be honoured to support you on your journey, to create those £5k months (and beyond!).

Claire x

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